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Pony Tales Refuge

Pony Tales Refuge is a full circle of life open-door shelter which means we will take in any horse regardless of age, breed, training, background or behavior. Every horse is evaluated by our veterinarian and training team for quality of life and suitability. We provide them with the care and training they need while offering shelter and safety during their transition. 

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What We Do

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Our goal is to find a home for every equine that passes through our gates. We make the adoption process quick and easy for the potential adopters. No major hoops to jump through, no lengthy contracts. We conduct a thorough background check and interview which helps our training staff match you with the most perfect equine partner.   

Same Day Adoptions

Our open hours provide potential adopters with the opportunity to meet with them personally, conduct our interview and background check, let them meet the available horses that are determined to be a good match by our veterinary and training staff, and take their new family member home with them that day. There is no long, drawn out process. If you are ready to adopt, click the button below.

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Adoption Fees

Our adoption fees range from $0 to $800 dependent on the particular equine. There are often horses who are either up there in age or with minor, painless issues who would make wonderful companions. Since our goal is to find a home for every horse we can, adoption fees for horses like that are waived. They deserve a home as much as the rest of them do and have the temperament that makes them perfect for a life of leisure and spoiling. 

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Owner Surrender

As a full circle of life open-door shelter, Pony Tales will take in your horse, no questions asked. We understand that it is very difficult to make the decision to surrender your horse, but life happens and circumstances change. We are always ready and able to take in your horse when there are no other safe options for them. It is our goal to find a home for every horse that passes through our gates. We will take responsibility for your horse regardless of their background and provide them shelter and safety.

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Slaughter Pipeline Rescue

Every year, thousands of American horses are shipped across our borders to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered for their meat. The killbuyers obtain these horses in any number of ways, from owners who do not care or owners who don't know, Craigslist ads, pretending to offer good homes to unsuspecting owners, and the slaughter auctions where so many take their horses thinking they will find a good home. That often is not the case. Around 80% of horses sold at livestock auctions are bought by killbuyers and shipped to slaughter. Pony Tales tries to attend the slaughter auctions each month to save as many as possible from that awful fate. 

Greener Pastures

As a full circle of life shelter, we will take in any horse in need and provide them with the care they need. Sometimes, the best thing we can offer them is safe passage to greener pastures. While it is our goal to find a home for every horses that enters our gates, if quality of life is determined to be poor by our veterinary and training team, we will always follow our veterinarian's advice and humanely euthanize those that are suffering and can't be cured. Do you have a horse that needs to move on to greener pastures, but you do not know where to turn? We can help. We understand that it can be very costly and many people are unable to provide that safe passage for their beloved horse. No horse should suffer and we are here to help.

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