Welcome to the new Pony Tales!

I am beyond excited to welcome you all to the new Pony Tales website! This beautiful website, designed by Tawnee as part of the Full Circle of Life grant, is just the beginning of the new and improved Pony Tales! It has been a whirlwind around here with all of the changes and preparing for what now appears to be a very bright future, not just for Pony Tales, but for all of the beautiful souls out there that this transformation will now allow us to help.

When we first started, we had just a couple of rescues. But, within the next few months, our pastures were over-flowing and the requests to take in more were constant. As happens with most every rescue out there, we have been “full” ever since. Only able to help one or two at a time every once in a while. It was heartbreaking saying no to so many, but we had no choice. Not knowing the fate of those we turned away would keep us up at night or cause restless sleep with dreams turning into nightmares. Now though, we will no longer have to say no. As a full circle of life shelter, we can, and will, take in any horse their owner wishes to surrender. Period. Age, condition, health, etc., doesn’t matter. They are all welcome here. Any time.

While we still will not be able to help them all, this new path will allow us to help so many more than ever before. Over the last 5 years, we have averaged 30-40 horses per year that we could help. I now have a personal goal of helping 200 by this time next year. It may sound like a lofty goal to many of you, but with your help, it will not be hard to achieve. Since the awarding of the $10k Full Circle of Life grant from Horse Plus Humane Society on May 1, 2019 and with the continued mentoring, we have already taken in 12 horses in need. This happened in just the first couple of weeks! Just imagine what we can do over the next year!

But, we didn’t do it alone. Your support and your donations made it happen. Because of all of you, we were able to save 12 horses from, at best – an uncertain future. So, we hope that you will all continue to support and encourage us on this new journey and stay tuned for the upcoming reality TV show “Horse Rescue Heroes” that will document this transformation. You will literally be able to see exactly where your donations went and how many lives you helped save.

In closing, we hope you all love the new website as much as we do and we hope you will all be by our side going forward. The horses need you. We need you. To help us achieve our goal of 200 horses by this time next year, please consider donating anything you can. It doesn’t have to be a lot. But, a little from all of you, will go a long way! Thank you all and stay tuned for so much more to come!!