We are at the auction now! There are more than 30 horses here already and more on their way. Possibly a herd dispersal of 50 is coming in we are told. I cannot take pictures, but many of the horses are in the condition as these pictured or worse. There is a foal with his momma who is in dire need of TLC. There is a big black horse here in similar condition to the big boy pictured below. His jaw is injured, his lip is split, his head hangs so low, he is giving up. Please help us get him out of here!

We only have enough to save 6 so far. Please help us reach our goal of at least 7. We are SO close. 90% of the horses here will sell in the killbuyers’ price range. Help us get as many away from them as possible! Bidding starts soon. We are running out of time!

Please Give Now!