The last 36 hours have been a real struggle…

The last 36 hours here have been a real struggle. Everything was fine, things were rolling along great. The donations to help save the horses from the auction yesterday were adding up by the minute, we had big plans to keep you all in the loop as things progressed and then BOOM! We got hit by a nasty storm Friday evening and lost power. When you live out in the country like we do, without power, you have no internet, no cell service, no nothing. The hours ticked by, the auction was looming closer and closer, and we had no way to connect with you all to try to save as many as possible. When we lost power, we had enough to save 5 horses from slaughter, but our goal was 7. It felt as though something was doing it’s level best to keep us from our goal. By morning, when we still had no power, I was sure of it. I was starting to panic. We were so close. So close. Then someone said to me, “Don’t panic. It’ll be ok. The devil is trying to stop you. Don’t let him”.

The funny thing about that is I had a motto during treatment and since the beginning of Pony Tales. I actually have it tattooed on my shoulders. It says “The devil whispers, you can’t handle the storm. The warrior replies, I AM the storm”. And just like that, my determination was back. You can slow me down, but you will not stop me. There are too many lives depending on us and we will scramble, we will stress, we will bust our butts, but make no mistake, it will get done. And did it ever!!

By the time the auction kicked into high gear, we had reached our goal! There were so many horses there. Over 50 when it was all said and done. Thankfully, a lot of them found good homes or were taken in by trainers who just wanted to outbid the killbuyers and save a horse from slaughter themselves. Sadly though, as it is at these auctions, the slaughter trucks left quite full. We tried and we wished that we could save more, but we were outnumbered, out financed, and out of time. At the end, realizing we were close to being able to get one more, we asked one of the killbuyers if we could buy a young filly from him that he got for dirt cheap. They agreed, at triple the price they had paid just minutes earlier. With tears welling up, we had to let her go. We just didn’t have enough funds.

BUT! Thanks to all of you, all of your donations, you shares, your words of encouragement, your caring souls, we saved 7 1/2 from slaughter! The big boy that I mentioned in my posts at the auction is now safe and relaxing at our temporary quarantine location. His head came up, his eyes lit up, his look of utter despair at the auction turned to hope and joy upon looking at his new surroundings. He needs a lot of groceries and will need his jaw looked at and his lip, while not cosmetically appealing, shows his character, his strength, and his ability to overcome. He grabbed my heart as soon as I saw him and I knew I had to get him safe. I cannot wait to introduce you all to him tomorrow. You will love him as much as we do, I am sure. Until then, these 7 1/2 beautiful souls still need your support. They all have vetting and evaluations and transitioning to go through and are depending on you to make sure that we can provide that all to them. Please donate what you can and until tomorrow, thank you all and have a wonderful day!!