What is the Pony Tales Trail?

We’ve been knee deep in prepping the trails for the upcoming 3rd Annual Pony Tales Trail. So many think of it as just another organized trail ride. And while that is true to some extent, it is so much more.

The Pony Tales Trail is a fundraiser held each Labor Day weekend to help us take in, care for, and find homes for as many equines as possible. But, it is carried on the shoulders of not just those of us doing the physical labor of planning, preparing, and holding the event, but on the shoulders of those whose land we are riding on. You see, this “just another organized trail ride” would not be possible without them. This ride exists solely because of the kindhearted, generous nature of the local farmers who are always doing whatever they can to help support the horses here. Many of them do not even like horses, but they DO love animals and they support what we are doing here. They allow us to go onto their land, unsupervised, and clear and mow and make trails almost anywhere we wish, just to show their support. When the idea of the trail ride first came up, we thought no way are we going to be able to find/build a trail of this magnitude around here. There were just SO many plots of land we would need to cross, so many people to ask permission from, and it seemed quite hopeless to be honest.In the end though, we were met with only one “no” the first year and one “no” the second. And oddly enough, the two that said no, are not from this area, they do not farm, they do not help or support their neighbors in any way. So, the no’s came as little surprise to anyone around here. And funny enough, it almost seemed to encourage the rest to be even more generous to us and we had little trouble finding a way around them. It was almost like the rest felt they needed to make up for the unkindness of another in their community. This is such an amazing community here and we sometimes wonder if the ride should instead be called the “Cooks Valley Trail” as that is where the majority of the ride takes place. This small, close-knit community of hard-working, honest, generous, kind, and supportive citizens, is truly what makes this ride a possibility. But, you only get one chance.These trails are located solely on private land, other than the small section of county forest that we ride through, but even that is land-locked by private owners and is only available to the public with those owner’s permission. Which they will give, if you are on the Pony Tales Trail. Once a year, each and every landowner opens up a piece of their land to you as they ask you too to help support the horses here. These are not rich owners, they cannot offer much in the way of funds, but what they can offer, they do. This ride takes you to places and lets you see sights that you will only ever be able to see during the ride. This is a once a year opportunity. And let me tell you, the scenery is amazing and you don’t want to miss it.If you can’t make it, you can still offer your support by making a donation. No amount is ever too small. The horses are counting on you and the landowners are hoping that what they are offering is not in vain. Thank you all and we hope to see you on the Trail!