My name is Elsa.

My name is Elsa.  My name is Elsa because my ears were “frozen” when I was born.  You see, I was born in the middle of winter this past year during the polar vortex.  There was no place warm for me to go.  So, my ears froze.  And the tips died.  And they fell off.  I hear I am lucky to have survived at all.  And I imagine that is true.  It was so cold that day.  And for days after.  But, my momma helped me.  She kept me as warm as she could and I’ve now grown big and I’ve grown strong, but…I am so scared….

I was in a scary place.  I was lucky to have survived.  And now I am lucky to be safe.  Others like me were not so lucky.  And I am scared for those that I left behind and those that will be born this coming winter.  Will they be as lucky as me?  I was close to going to the auction.  I’ve never been there, but I am told it is an even scarier place and that horses like me are rarely ever heard from again once they go there.  I hear they are chased into a ring surrounded by strange people and loud noises and then chased back out and onto a large trailer filled with dozens of other horses just as scared.  And some of them fight, while others are too weak or tired to fight any longer.  Some of them fall down and get trampled by the others.  The smaller ones (like me) get pushed around and squished and bit and kicked and as they huddle to the back, they get pushed off and fall down when the door opens to run others on.  Only to then be yelled at and beat by people to get up and get back on the trailer.  And then the trailer leaves and they are never seen or heard from again.

But, I am safe, thanks to all of you who donated to the kind people here at this new place (I hear it’s called Pony Tales).  I don’t know what that means, but I know that they give me food and water and that they’ve let me stay with my friends who were also saved, so I don’t feel so alone.  They tickle my nose and they slowly remove all the burrs from my mane and they give me scratches that make my lips get all funny (I can’t help it. It feels SO good!) and they tell me that everything is going to be ok now.  And I believe them.  I believe that everything will be ok for me and my friends that are here with me, but…what about the rest of my friends…?

They are still there.  And there are people who are yelling at my old owner so much that all of my friends are SO close to getting sent to the auction if they don’t stop.  If they will leave him alone, all of my friends have a chance to be safe…just like me.  But, they won’t stop.  They keep yelling.  And the yelling gets louder and louder.  I am so scared for my friends.  I want them here with me.  I want them to meet the kind, gentle hands that I now know.  I want them to feel so good that their lips get all funny too.  The people here tell me that if you will help them, they will bring as many of my friends here as they can.  And my old owner says that he will let them bring my friends here.  He will let them be safe.  He will let them avoid the auction.  But, it has to happen soon as the yelling gets worse and worse with no signs of stopping.  And he can only bear to listen to it for so long.  My friends need you, just like I did.  The others who will be born this winter need you before they face the same fate I did on that cold, subzero morning.  And they might not be as lucky as I was with only losing the tips of my ears.  But, with your help, the people here at Pony Tales can prevent that from happening to any more.  With your help, all of my friends (and those to come) can be safe.  Safe from the auction.  Safe from the yelling.  And safe from the cold.  But, time is running out.  Please help them.  I am so scared for my friends….