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7 horses in 7 days!

7 horses brought to safety in 7 days. Since last Monday (Sept. 30) we have been able to bring in 7 at risk horses thanks to all of our supporters and donors. This is truly something we could not do without you all. To be able to get a call for 3 horses at risk and to be able to help them, no questions asked, is a dream come true for us. And at the same time, to be able to work towards saving others from the auction just a few short days later, is nothing short of amazing for us! We are horse rescuers. Our goal, our dream, is to be able to help them out of whatever situation it is that they are in that puts them at risk of abandonment, abuse, neglect, or slaughter. And every day, thanks to all of you, we get closer to our goal and our dream becomes a reality.

The first 3 horses brought to safety in the last 7 days were 3 horses that had found themselves in a horrifying situation. Law enforcement stepped up and removed them from that situation where they then spent the next year recovering. We cannot thank the wonderful people who took them in enough. But, that was a temporary situation. And with winter bearing down on us, the horses needed to find homes. With killbuyers and flippers raising their hands at every turn, their only safe option was to go to an organization that could fully vet the potential new homes. But, then, to find an organization who could take in 3 horses at once, again with winter bearing down on us, was not an easy task. Thanks to all of you though, we were here for them and the wonderful people who took on the expense, the time, the heartache, and the enormous task of rehabbing them, can now rest easy knowing that their future is safe.

At the same time though, we were in the midst of fundraising to save horses from the auction taking place just a few days later. While we had a lofty goal that we were unable to meet, we were able to save 4 from the slaughter pipeline, from ending up in the wrong hands, and from an unsure future. Thanks to all of you, 4 more beautiful souls are resting easy, settling into their new surroundings, and preparing for their future with wonderful homes who will give them the love and the attention that they all deserve. And there are more horses on their way here soon.

While this is our goal, this is our dream, to be able to help as many as we can, it is an exhausting task at times. The weather has been completely working against us and our bodies are weary, but this too shall pass and the horses out there in need are on their way and we will be there for them. But, we need you to be there for them as well. Without you, we cannot help them. Without you, the fate of the 7 horses brought to safety this past week, would be uncertain. Without you, we would not be here. So, we thank you for your past support, your current support, and your future support. You, our supporters, our donors, are the backbone of this organization. And thanks to you, we have been able to help 59 horses already this year. Help us help more. There is no horse out there that deserves to be abandoned, abused, neglected or slaughtered. Help us keep as many of them from that horrible fate as possible. Thank you all!!