In 12 hours we will be on our way to the auction.

In just 12 hours our rescue team will be on our way to the auction. I need to get to bed. But, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to sleep. So many things are running through my mind right now. I can barely even form a clear thought. The auction. The horses here. The work here that needs to be done. The surrender event next weekend. The two horses picked up today that are on their way here. My husband. My dogs. You name it. I’m thinking about it. In just 12 hours, we will be pulling out of the driveway with an empty trailer. In just 12 hours, my husband and our friends will be outside in the cold working on getting the new barn ready for the surrender day next weekend. And I feel guilty not being here to help. I feel guilty that, besides that work, he will have to be in charge of the horses, the dogs, the everything that goes on around here on a daily basis. I feel like I should stay home….

But, we are going into winter here. Actually, sadly, we are pretty much in winter already. Temperatures have been 15-20 degrees below normal for weeks now. And so many people out there are not prepared, or are simply unable (for whatever reason) to get their horses through what is shaping up to be a nightmare of a winter. The surrender day will help. Some. It will help those that are willing to let their horses go for free, and even willing to pay a low-cost surrender fee, to be sure that they will not wind up in the wrong hands. But, those people are the exception to the rule. Most people, unwilling to, God forbid, PAY someone to take on the responsibility for their horse(s), will ship them to auction so they get “paid” for having ever even owned a horse. But, I digress….

Those are the horses that need our help tomorrow. Those are the horses that have me feeling like I’m skipping out on work around here tomorrow. But, they are calling to us. They need us. And we can’t let them down. We need to be there to help as many as we can. The work will always be here. But, their chance at a new life, won’t be. We must go to the auction.

My husband can handle it. If he couldn’t, it would be a different story. I would like to say that I will be thinking about him and our friends out there in the cold tomorrow, and I will. But, for the most part, I will be focused on the horses who are now lost and alone at the auction. Dumped off like they never even mattered to their family. Tossed away because their owner wanted to make a quick buck and didn’t care who that buck came from or where the horse would end up.

So, tonite, I will try to sleep. I will try to make sure I have a clear head tomorrow. I will try to keep myself from bringing home more than we can. But, it will be so hard. We are hoping to save five. But, so far, we have only raised enough to save three. There will be upwards of 50 horses looking at us for help tomorrow. We know we can’t save them all, but we need to try to save as many as we can. Please help us at least save the lives of 5 beautiful souls tomorrow while my husband and our friends bust their butts outside in the cold so we can help innumerable more next weekend. Please. Give now. We are doing everything within our power here. Can you help us do more?