My name is Wesley

My name is Wesley. I understand that it is a very special name. I was named after the brother of one of Pony Tales’ supporters. Wesley (or Wes) served 2 terms overseas and was shot twice 6 days before deployment home. He almost lost his leg due to internal bleeding as the shots hit a main artery in his leg. Many surgeries and skin grafts later, he is doing well and living a normal life with a healthy son, when they told him heโ€™d never have kids. I too had an injury to my leg. They say it looks like an old rope or fence burn. It doesn’t bother me, but at the auction, it made everyone turn away from me. Only the killbuyers saw my “value” at the slaughter plant. They bid back and forth and just when it looked like one of them was going to get me, I saw another arm pop up.

Worried that it was yet another killbuyer, I looked at the new bidder and saw so much kindness in her expression, but also worry. I could see she was as scared for what might happen to me as I was. As the killbuyers continued to bid against her, one of them finally dropped out, but one kept going. I could see the worry take over her face and I could sense that her heart was racing. Please don’t stop, I silently plead to her. I had already watched so many other horses get run out to crowded pens. I didn’t want to end up in one of them. But, she didn’t stop. And I didn’t get run into a crowded pen. I was moved out of the ring back into the pen that I had shared with one of my friends. His turn was next, and while I knew deep down somehow that I was already safe, I worried for him.

It was with great joy that he came back to our pen a few minutes later and I hoped that the same lady had saved him as well. We hung out there together and shared worried glances and tried to console each other as more and more horses were sent into the crowded pens. Soon, a veterinarian came over to us and a couple of others near us. He looked us over and poked us with a needle. The horses in the crowded pens were ran onto large trailers and we could hear them fighting and screaming and calling for those that were being left behind. I don’t know how long it was that we waited after the crowded pens were emptied, but it seemed like forever. We were beginning to wonder what was going to become of us and our heads began to lower when all of a sudden she came around the corner. She talked to us and smiled and told us everything was going to be ok, but you could see the sadness in her eyes. There were so many she wasn’t able to save, but she saved as many as she could.

And for that, I am forever grateful. Me and 3 other horses (and a couple of donkeys even!) were soon loaded onto a nice enclosed trailer so we would not get cold or wet on the drive home. It was a long drive home and it rained the entire time. Wind would blow the trailer around a bit and we would all get a little nervous, but she drove slow and careful and we all arrived safe. We were tired and hungry and were very thankful to get to lay down in fresh shavings in the barn after getting our dinner and fresh buckets of water. See my arrival video here. A couple of days later, she told me what my name would be and told me why. I am proud to be named after a real military hero and I will do my best to make him proud that I am named after him. Thank you kind lady for bringing me and my friend to safety. We are excited to see who you are able to save next! Though I do hope to have a home of my own soon! ๐Ÿ™‚ See my adoption information here.

Wesley’s story is just one of 29 from the many we have saved from the slaughter auctions this year. Next year, we are hoping to save so many more. But, we will need your help. The first auction we will be attending is in the beginning of January and we are hoping to kick the new year off with a bang! #GivingTuesday is just 3 days away. See our fundraiser post here. Our goal is to raise $10,200 that will go to saving horses in the upcoming year. With your help, we will be able to save so many more Wesley’s (and their friends). No amount is ever too small. Please. Give Now!