Who REALLY makes a difference in the lives of the horses?

Pony Tales itself does not make a difference in the lives of the horses. Pony Tales itself does not make the world a better place for horses. Pony Tales, by itself, is nothing. Nothing other than the vehicle by which your generosity and your caring makes it possible to achieve great things for the horses out there in need.

When Pony Tales began, over 5 years ago, we had nothing but a dream and desire to help as many horses as we could. Our first year, we were only able to help 2 horses. In just the last year though, because of all of you, 139 horses have already found safety at our shelter. Just think about that for a minute. From 2 horses our first year, to 139 (and counting) in our fifth year. NONE of this could ever have happened without you. It is only as our support grew that we were able to grow. We truly are nothing without you all.

Going into our sixth year, we have the goal of helping at least 200 horses get to safety here. As always though, we cannot reach that goal without you. This is not a “job” for any one person. As always, this will be a team effort. We will need each of you on board and making it possible for us to help them. We have over 5500 followers on social media alone. Imagine what just $5 from each of you could do.

There’s still time to make your #GivingTuesday donations. Whether you can donate $5 or $5000, no amount is ever too small. You’re not helping Pony Tales with your donation…you are helping horses…and THAT is everyone’s goal.

Please Give Now!