Pony Tales 3-6-5

Hi!! Big welcome to Pony Tales 3-6-5! What is this, you might ask? We are asking you to join us on a daily “tour” of a day in the life at Pony Tales. Every day throughout 2020 to give you 20/20 vision into the daily life at Pony Tales. Some days are pretty quiet (we relish those days….lol), but many are not. But, we would like to invite you to sit shotgun on this ride over the next 365 days (366 this year, of course).

To start, today was New Years Day. While we were “closed”, work still needed to be done. We woke up this morning to discover that our 4 “back” paddocks had become 2. Yay snow! So, after chores and snow plowing was done, we set out to repair fences. And I’ll tell you what…pulling ribbon that is buried in heavy snow…not fun. Lol. But, it’s just a day in the life. Oh! And did I mention that one particularly crafty horse managed to actually break a fence post?! Clean off! Cannot even find where it was originally in the ground. So, time to drive a new post into the ground…in January…in Wisconsin…

Oddly enough, the post drove in like a knife into soft butter. The early snow this winter has prevented the ground from freezing solid. Good, for driving posts in. Bad, for plowing…Lol. But, anyway…

The fences got repaired. More fencers were added (ground rods easily drove into the ground…lol) and our fingers are crossed that the horses will opt to stay put. At least overnight…

One horse in particular though (who may or may not have been the culprit taking down the fences) did not want to be caught and moved to where she belonged after we repaired the fences. After several minutes of trying to catch her and the rest of the group getting fired up, we said, well shrug. Maybe we can catch her tomorrow. But, then! Our barn manager wanting to come out just for fun. We were on our way to get lunch and we said maybe you can catch her and get her moved! It took some time, but eventually she did. But, then decided to work with her a bit. And let me tell you, this horse needed it! She’s not naughty on purpose. She’s not mean. She’s just very insecure and has been left to her own devices (and gotten away with it for years!). So, while our barn manager worked with her, we continued on our quest to fix/strengthen fences…in January…in Wisconsin…Lol. Not fun!

The mare finally started to come around though and got put into the paddock she belonged in. The fencing got done. And as the daylight started to fade, there was one boy our barn manager wanted to work with a bit more (she had started a bit yesterday).

Thor, if anyone remembers, was surrendered at the free/low cost surrender event in November as a stud along with his pal Gunner. Gunner was gelded a month ago, but Thor would not be sedated for the longest time. Our hopes for his future, after several tries, were sadly waning. But, we finally got him gelded about a week and a half ago and WOW! The transformation it has made on this handsome man is amazing! After just getting him to lead yesterday, all we wanted to do today was clean up his nasty, snarly mane. Expecting the worst, we gave it a shot anyway. And wouldn’t you know it, after just a few minutes, he stood quiet, calm and relaxed as the snarls that had entangled his mane for (likely) many years, were removed. He likely for the first time, felt a human hand run all along his body. And you know what? He loved it!! His eyes were soft, his head was lowered, and we even saw his lips wiggle a couple times (still trying to pinpoint “that” spot on him).

In the end, this first day of the new year was a great day. Nothing spectacular, but every little bit of progress is celebrated around here. With Pony Tales 3-6-5, we would like you all to be able to celebrate the daily progress that is made, even if it isn’t necessarily “newsworthy”. You will see that the relatively “uneventful” days, are still eventful. We would like you all to ride shotgun with us throughout the year. We will share the daily happenings (good and bad/sad) as that is the reality of horse rescue. So, please stay tuned for Pony Tales 3-6-5, and if you have suggestions of things you would like to see/be a part of…please let us know!

In the meantime, take a gander at this handsome young man. I don’t know. If someone doesn’t scoop him up soon…you just may see me on him in the dressage ring at some point…and I REALLY don’t need another horse….Lol.

Happy New Year Everyone! We hope you will all stay tuned for Pony Tales 3-6-5!!