Pony Tales 3-6-5

Hi Everyone! WOW!! What a day! A much needed rebound from yesterday… 🙁

Today kicked off the open hours here at Pony Tales (more information to come). But, because of that, our team was all able to sit down together, in person, and really get dialed in. This truly is an amazing team in the making and we are SO excited about what we will all be able to accomplish together this year. In fact, in just the first day, even after our pow-wow, four horses still got worked with and/or evaluated. A couple really stood out, while it became clear that a couple are going to still need more work. Not naughty, just rusty or green. One in particular though REALLY stood out today….Miss Ashley (pictured above)….

I don’t know what it is about me and chestnut mares, but this girl had my attention from the moment I laid eyes on her. Not just mine though! Even the rest of the team were itching to work with her and see what she knows. The day finally came (thank you wonderful, cooperative weather!) and Ashley did not disappoint! This friendly, leggy, gorgeous, firecracker OTTB has everyone here dying to get in the saddle. Some VERY lucky home is going to have a true gem joining their family.

Not to be outdone though, was beautiful Ruby. Yes. One-eyed, sweet, lovable, palomino Ruby. One-eyed?? Well, yes. And it doesn’t phase her a bit. This girl is rusty, but trusty. Once again, Bryanna hopped on, bareback, halter and lead rope, and rode her from one side of the property to the other. Ruby was a little concerned about the hilly driveway as it is quite slick, but with some encouragement, she conquered it no problem. You can even open and close gates while on her back. Ruby…is truly the gem that her name suggests….

Karmell and Dolly got some more miles put on them and are doing amazing (updates coming soon), and as the sun started to set, Ms. Sarabi decided she wanted to go visit the other horses. So…more fencing was done in the fading hours of the day and she put herself back in where she belonged. But, alas. Such is life, right?! Lol.

In the end, today was a good day. While the sadness of yesterday still hangs over us, we must move on. There are still horses here and more out there that are depending on us to do so. We are very excited about the open hours and the new schedule here at Pony Tales and we hope that it will help the 200+ horses we plan to save in 2020 get to safety and into new homes. Today was a great day. This cannot all be done by one person. It takes a team…and we have one heckuva team going right now. 🙂 If you are interested in any of the horses here, be sure to email us right away at info@ponytaleswi.org. These lovely ladies won’t last long!

Details on our new hours coming soon! So be sure to stay tuned!! 😉