Pony Tales 3-6-5 (Jan 4, 2020)

A pretty quiet day here today…relatively speaking anyway. Began the day with the normal chores and such. Then had lots of photos and videos to go through of the beautiful souls that got worked yesterday. A couple Nate’s Towing & Repair customers stopped in. One really wanted a printed receipt and while usually that is not an issue, the printer decided it didn’t want to work anymore. After several minutes of trying to get it to print, we then opted to email the receipt to the customer. All was well. The customer left and got into his truck and I continued to battle with the printer. Finally got it working and the elusive receipt finally printed out. Ah well. He had it in his email anyway. So…back to work going through footage.

No sooner was I back focused on that than the customer came back in. His truck wouldn’t start. Nate was out dealing with a 2 car collision. I have no jumper cables. BUT! I was able to finally hand him the printed out receipt!! Lol. He ended up having jumper cables so I grabbed my car and pulled up to the customer’s. After getting the cable set, he went to start his truck and…nothing…oh boy. I may be married to a mechanic, but I am not one myself. My typical suggestion when someone has car trouble is to check the washer fluid…pretty sure that’s rarely (if ever) the problem, but you just never know! 😉 He tweaked the connection on the batteries a couple times and finally his truck sprung to life. I apologized profusely for the chaos and he laughed understandably and drove away. Ok. Back to work…again….

My computer then decided to buck the system and didn’t want to load the photos and videos. Battle, battle, battle. Finally got it to work and a friend showed up. We knew he was going to be coming over to help load tires, but we didn’t know when and of course, Nate still was not home. So, he tinkered away at one of the chairs in here that is funky while I tried to continue working. He tinkered and tinkered and chatted and chatted and in the end, he proclaimed that the chair was now worse off than it was before…tartar sauce. So, then it was time to just chat. About this and that and the other (my work once again at a standstill…lol). An hour or so later, Nate finally called. He was on his way home and wondered if I needed anything from town. Nope, was my answer. Just get home! 😉

He arrived home a few minutes later and the two of them got to work loading up tires and I got back to work myself. A couple of minutes later, an old friend from years ago showed up to drop off a vehicle to be worked on. He had not been out here since before we had even lived here. He brought one of his daughters (a horse lover!) and wanted to meet the “famous” Midge the Fridge. So, more chatting and talking about the rescue and horses and this and that. They then wanted to go look at all the horses. By this time, I had lost 3 hours of time. I sent them out by themselves with advisory about what paddocks are “safe” and what ones should be avoided. And, once again, back to work I went. I was then actually able to get one set of photos/videos put together about Miss Ashley. See the video here.

I was then just moving on to the next, when they came back in. More chatting to do. Don’t get me wrong, it was great to see and talk to him again, just things like this can really slow things up around here. 😉 Nate and friend finished loading tires and decided to go get some more hay. YAY!! Only then, at around 2pm, did I actually have some time to focus without interruption. I got the other photos/videos together about sweet Ruby and was able to sit back and relax a bit. See the video here. By the time they got back with the hay, it was time to take the dogs for a walk that we are only able to do on weekends in the winter. 🙁 After the walk, there was hay that needed to be taken out and horses that needed to be moved. It was now dark out. Nothing more could be done outside at least. No fencing to fix today though! So, that was a big relief. Lol.

Time to bring in one of the trucks loaded with hay and get it unloaded. Boy we sure cannot wait until the new barn is fully usable! (More progress coming this week!!) Have I mentioned how in love we are with the hay we were able to bale this year?! They brought home approximately 100 bales today and that is now unloaded and stacked and you know what? I’m ready for dinner and bed! Lol.

So, I guess, like I said, today was rather uneventful. Not a ton of physical labor, but the other stuff takes time and focus and sometimes…we don’t have that time…to focus….

We are happy to say that we already do have inquiries about the horses I was able to eventually “showcase” today and we are hopeful that even though it was a bit of a mess trying to get everything together today, that in the end, the goal of finding them homes will be achieved. And if that happens, it will all be worth it. 🙂 Peace out everyone and we hope to see you tomorrow and we hope even more that soon we will be announcing the adoption of today’s featured horses. More to come (hopefully tomorrow will be a bit quieter) and of course the auction is coming up and there are surrenders already scheduled to arrive, so don’t go anywhere. The “quiet” days are always countered by the not so quiet ones… 😉