Pony Tales 3-6-5 (Ruby found a home!)

As the title says, we are SO happy to announce that beautiful Ruby found her home today! An amazing family, riders of all ages, heard about her and rushed out here today to meet her. This sweet, willing mare is not perfect, but is perfect for them. They were here for the longest time spending time with her, riding her, getting to know her and when they came back to the office and announced that she was the one for them, our hearts over-flowed. 🙂 Sadly though, they had a tiny trailer and after a long time of trying to get her to load, we all threw in the towel. 🙁 In good weather/footing conditions we would have tried longer (she was over halfway in at one point!), but it became to risky to continue trying. It was not that she won’t load in a trailer, she just felt too cramped when she was in there. No worries though! We have an amazing team of people here at Pony Tales already throwing their hands up and offering to bring her to her new home! A larger, not straight-load trailer, we are positive she would’ve climbed right in. She’s such a good girl. 🙂

This was obviously the highlight of the day, though so much more happened. Our amazing team of people ready to show Ruby to the potential adopters, arrived early to grab a couple other horses and work with them. One horse decided to be a turd and would not be caught. But, another who can sometimes be hard to catch, was caught no problem and evaluation began. And let me tell you what: Miss Sarabi is going to be one amazing horse for some lucky home!! At such a young age, she is so smart and willing (details coming soon!). Then Mr. Gunner (former stallion). It was time to work with him more. The goal was to get him over to the new barn to get away from the snow/ice/cold. THAT, is quite a hike. Wide open. With mares everywhere. But, you know what? He led like a perfect gentleman, never once even so much as pulling on the rope! Further evaluation showed that he really doesn’t know much of anything, but he is calm and quiet and you can tell he is trying hard to figure out what you are asking of him. Someone is going to be very lucky to have this handsome man!

Our team’s goal was to work with another today as well, but the wind got pretty wicked and Ruby did not cooperate with loading, so (as often happens) things did not go as planned. No matter, our team will be out again tomorrow! This truly is an amazing team we have going here. I honestly cannot express that enough. Especially since while the majority of this was going on today (other than me trying to help load Ruby), I was able to get my work done! Well…some of it anyway. I really am not sure why computers and technology hate me so much, but they do. :-/ Regardless, today’s ventures took over 4 hours and during that 4 hours, I was able to get alot (though not all) of my work done. We have a team of rockstars!!

We ended the day taking the dogs for a walk which we can only do on the weekends in the winter due to daylight. We hesitated to do so as it was such a bitter wind, but the dogs love it so much. So, we bundled up and it was actually not that bad. And we have 3 very happy, content dogs here tonite. 🙂 Upon returning from our walk, once again there were blankets to put back into place and chores to be done, but that is the life. And, you know what? I, personally, would not have it any other way… 😉

Tomorrow we have another potential adopter coming out to meet Ashley and of course our wonderful team will be here as well for our “open hours” (I know, I know, I gotta get those details up). So, we will lay our heads down tonite thinking about everything that needs to be done tomorrow, but, unlike in the past…it will not all squarely be on my and Nate’s shoulders. This is already shaping up to be an amazing year, but I worry…some…we have very few horses here right now. We have a TON of room! The auction is coming up soon and with our numbers right now (and the potential adoptions already scheduled), we have room for SO many more! We do need financial support to help them though, so please consider even the smallest donation right now. There are SO many we could help this month with your help and every little bit adds up. Thank you all so much!! 🙂