Pony Tales 3-6-5 (Oy! Is it ever a Monday!!)

And not a Monday with a day-confusing holiday during the week to break it up! Lol. Crash-landed the day filling (what seems at times) a bazillion water tanks. Then as we were waiting for a potential adopter to arrive, the concrete people came to start thawing the area in the new barn where the office will be so they can pour the concrete later this week. Ummm….totally forgot they were coming….will the noise and the chaos make for a bad showing?! The adopter then arrived and we are happy to report that fabulous Ashley was not phased by any of it, but while everything went great with Ashley…wild guess as to what happened to the water tank that was filling at the time…. :-/

Ok. So we flood the area a bit more. Nothing unusual…really…in the grand scheme of things. Huge interest in Ashley, but wants to see how she’ll do on the trails. So, we will find that out this week, though we suspect she’ll do amazing. 😉 Ok. Time to work with some more horses and OH! move the hose to another water tank (this time we’ll remember it’s running, right….). Everything is good, we’re going along just fine, huge mental note on the water tank, and BAM! First surrender of the year arrives. Gets off the trailer. Transporter hops on her bareback and rides her all over creation. Gorgeous, amazing percheron (more info soon as we totally failed to even get photos because….) OH! The water tank!! Time to move the hose again. Hey! Let’s grab Martina and work with her! Awesome idea! Except…Martina does not want to be caught….

Finally she caves, but leading her all the way from her paddock to the new barn….ummmm…..I don’t know about that…. In the end she did fine and really made a ton of progress today. She will be going to her new home soon, so after working in the roundpen we figured we should see if we could even get her in a trailer (the loading and unloading when she was surrendered was a complete disaster). To our amazement, this gorgeous mare not only climbed on the trailer with only some hesitation, but then stood in it calmly for several minutes with the back door wide open and then proceeded to (slowly) but quietly back out of it. She is going to be one amazing horse!!

OK! Now what?! Well, we gotta catch Kiara and get her worked with more. She’s scheduled for a pedicure this week after all. However, she was not having it. Eventually, it became clear we would need to run her in loose to the barn paddock and inside the barn. But…there’s 3 horses in there…3 recent studs (but, no longer). Hmmm….but, one of them, Thor, was being adopted today. Awesome! So, let’s try to load him to at least remove him from the equation (mind you though, this has been tried a couple times since he was surrendered with no luck). As it turns out though, not only did he lead WAY away from the paddock (with minimal handler dragging), but he loaded into the trailer calmly and quietly with not much pressure at all. Removing his jewels has turned this horse around 180! Whew! Back to Kiara. Got the other two boys into stalls and with the 4 of us, we finally got her into the barn paddock, but then….

All hell starts breaking loose regarding the next surrenders scheduled to arrive. I was summoned away from Kiara duty and while I will not go into details on this right now as it is all still a bit up in the air, the other 3 were thankfully able to get Kiara in the barn and haltered and ready for her pedicure.

As the sun set today, while no fencing NEEDED to be done, there was a board broken that will need to be attended to when the sun comes up again. The new surrender is settling in nicely and already has someone interested. Thor went on a roadtrip with his new owner and wore a saddle. Ashley is super close to finding an amazing home. Kiara is ready for her pedicure (along with several others). And…oh crap!! The water tanks!!! I gotta go….