Pony Tales 3-6-5 (Mondays just might be better than Tuesdays…)

So you all know how yesterday ended. We got the hose turned off, but sadly we did not manage to bring it inside. No biggie, really. The tanks were full and it has now been brought in and thawed out and is ready to for next time, but…honestly…today was a bad day….

The worst part is that it was once again instilled in us how horse people, all (allegedly) with the same goal, refuse to work together. There will be no details on this particular situation coming as it obviously will just cause more unnecessary drama. Which…we have not time for. In the end, we are hopeful that this particular horse will get the care it needs no matter who the “hero” is.

So many lately, seem to be forgetting our mission…our goal. Which is to help as many horses as we can. Are we going to get into a “pissing match” about any particular horse? No. Not if whoever “wins” the imaginary pissing match is able to provide the horse with what they need. And it is not our job to determine if that is what will happen. But, we will not “fight” for a horse unless we are fighting with a killbuyer or something threatening harm to the horse. There are too many other horses out there that need help to waste our time and resources on. Some choose to do so, even though they know the horse is going someplace safe, but others choose to get into a “fight” over one particular horse. We are not one of those…unless the previously stated circumstances arise….

We woke up bright and early today and were immediately met with a bunch of nonsense. Eventually it got resolved and it was time to take beautiful Ruby to her new home (and she happen to load into our trailer with no hesitation!). So, I guess, while it was an overall, crappy day, a horse found an amazing home. We can’t help them all, as much as we would love to do so. But, make no mistake, we will help those that we can. Tomorrow is another day, after all…. 😉 Goodnight, all. See you on the flipside, hopefully with better news!