Pony Tales 3-6-5 (WOW!!)

What an awesome Friday here at Pony Tales! The day started out pretty routine, but with Taylor (trainer) coming out today, there were plans to prepare for. We rounded up the horse that needed to be and let out a couple that had to wait until that horse was rounded up and Taylor went about her day while I worked on my stuff, did a lunch run, and waited for the reporter to arrive. 😉 Taylor first grabbed chill, recently gelded, “whatever guys” Gunner to work with him a bit more. This guy seems to know more than he lets on, he takes a saddle no problem, but his eyes say “can we just walk? Or even just stand here? Instead of trotting…?” Lol. We picture this guy thrilled to just plod down the trails one day. Such a sweet, quiet boy.

Taylor and Steph then decided to take a couple horses to a local indoor arena and work with them more on unfrozen ground with a larger area to move. Today, they chose Aladdin and Dolly (Dolly pictured above). They were gone so long, but it allowed us to get so much done around here, including meeting with the reporter (that story will be out soon, so stay tuned!). Ok. News story wrapped up and then time to go over more things. This and that was discussed and plans were kicked into motion moving forward towards our goal of saving at least 200 horses this year. Daylight started to wain. Aladdin and Dolly still were not back. I was getting a bit worried….

Finally, Steph and Taylor came bursting through the door full of excitement about how well Aladdin and Dolly did today. They had so much to talk about, so many videos to show us, it was almost like Christmas around here!! Lol. We all kicked back and relaxed and chatted for awhile, the videos were downloaded for further review and it was time for them to head on home after a very long day. So much time and effort put into the beautiful souls here. It truly is amazing how much some people want to help them. 🙂

It is now time for me to get the chores done around here and possibly have dinner myself and get to bed at a reasonable hour (9:00 is my goal….lol). There is still much to do around here to ensure the horses are getting everything they need. Farrier coming out tomorrow. Potential adopter will be here this weekend. Plans to work with more horses. The work literally never ends. But, you know what? When so many people share the same goal, the same passion…it hardly even feels like work…. 🙂

So many more details to share with you all and so much amazing progress made today. I will sign off now, but will leave you with this: there are only 17 horses here right now (and 3 likely getting adopted soon!). We have SO much room. The auction is just one week away. We could help SO many. We just need your help to do so. Help us fill our paddocks again. So many horses out there need help, but we can’t help them without you. Every dollar helps. Every. Single. One. Please. Help us help them! Thank you all and Happy Friday!!