Pony Tales 3-6-5 (Horses. What do ya do?!)

It was a frigid start to the day. Even though the sun was out, it didn’t stick around long. No matter. There is work to be done. Today we began trying to raise funds for the upcoming auction that we will be attending. Our hope is to outbid the killbuyers on as many as we can and get them safe from the slaughter pipeline. There are so many that support our goal and several have already donated to save these beautiful souls that will be waiting for us. We can only hope that more will join in as well over the next few days as we can only save as many as funds allow for. To take in more than we could financially support would put not just the horses, but the organization in jeopardy as well. With that said though, we have enough SPACE for a couple dozen more easy! And we would happily fill that space if we have the funding to back it! So, while our goal at this auction is to raise enough to save 5, if we raise enough to save 20, you can be sure that we will do it!

Moving on. Today one of our STARs came to pick up Lexi who’s hoof needs special care for a few months. She will rehab Lexi at her place and once ready, she will help her find a home. This STAR currently has another horse from here (Nala) that is due to foal in the next couple of months. So, Nala will now go to a barn equipped to not just handle the foaling, but handle more gentling of this mare. So, the plan was to drop Lexi off and load up Nala. Well, Nala decided she didn’t want to load and she had plenty of room to run around without having to be anywhere near the trailer. A call for help was made, and within no time, all available team members and then some, were on site to help. By this point though, it was to no avail. Nala was having a grand time running around and taunting us and making a game of it all. After 2+ hours of trying and battling frozen fingers and noses and toeses, Lol. we threw in the towel. Nala’s dinner will be placed in the trailer tonight and we will try again tomorrow. Horses. What do ya do?!

Otherwise, it was a fairly quiet day. Much needed research and such got done as we continue to plan for the year. We have so many exciting things planned and we cannot wait to share them all with you, but all in good time. 😉 Tomorrow we will revisit the Nala situation and our fundraising will continue. More likely than not, something else will happen that will need to be addressed, but such is the life and we wouldn’t have it any other way. If there’s one thing you need to be in the horse rescue world, is you need to be flexible and able to shift gears and tasks in the blink of an eye. You just never know what is going to happen. Lol.

I will bid you all a goodnight now and we hope you are able to help out, even just a little, with our goal of saving 5 horses from slaughter by this time next week. If you cannot personally make a financial donation, every share helps. Every mention you make to your family, friends, co-workers, etc, helps. This is not a task to be taken on by any one person, but an army of people doing a little, adds up to so much, so fast. Thank you all and here’s bracing for another Monday!