Pony Tales 3-6-5 (The days rarely end how they start)

Such a rare occurrence here. The day starts off quiet. Plans are made, time to get to work. And most of the day, all is quiet. But, you start the day expecting the norm and then something unexpected happens…and right away, the mind starts going… But, you push those thoughts aside and get down to the tasks for the day. Everything is going well, you receive some pictures and such with positive, happy things going on and things are cruising along and the future is looking bright. Then, everything changes….

The trolls awaken and the hate for what we are doing here (helping horses…ummm….bad thing to do, I guess) begins. But, on the bright side, the news story about us and the upcoming reality TV show Horse Rescue Heroes comes out! And low and behold, this reporter actually got the facts right!! Not to bash reporters, but at one point I was described as “sowing my wild oats in California” before starting Pony Tales. Ummmm…..no…… Lol. But, the press. It is what it is. In the end, we were very happy to see that this reporter did his research and checked his facts and did a good (albeit a few typos) story. See the story here.

Throughout the day though, of course I was battling social media as is almost a daily thing, and was ready to throw in the towel, when our barn manager showed up. Much to be discussed. Many plans to be made. One, in particular, was the horse who had a very hard time with the farrier the other day. This horse, for the first time ever since arriving, showed me a much different side this morning. Without prompting. So now, I need more time. This horse just may have a chance and we will give this horse that chance until it is proved that further chances will not help. I have to. For my own peace of mind.

We were finally able to dismantle the old website and domain name, but sadly, it dismantled our email as well. 🙁 Technology. It’ll be the death of me yet. After many phone calls and texts and stuff I don’t even really understand, we are pretty sure that everything will be up and running in short order. I now need to go get chores done and check on this horse and maybe make dinner and possibly get to bed at a reasonable hour (btw: totally didn’t make it to be by 9pm the other night…. 🙁 )

Anyway, gearing up for the upcoming auction is ramping up and we are super happy to say that we have already raised enough to save two! We are hoping to save 5 though! So, if you have even $1 to spare, trust me, it adds up fast! If anyone questions what we are using the donated funds for, please feel free to contact us, or just follow our page for the updates that include the horses saved thanks to all of you. We are as transparent as they come, but we will not divulge information that will put the horses in jeopardy.

Thank you all for understanding and please stay tuned! Until tomorrow, peace out!