Pony Tales 3-6-5 (When rescues work together…)

Today, started off with a bit of a bang. We received a call for some assistance if possible from another organization. This is a long-standing, well-respected, highly reputable organization that we have worked with in the past. Without digging into the nitty-gritty, to sum up, there was an owner surrender that they did not have room for currently as a potential humane case is pending and they were asking if we could help with the surrender. Well…of course we can. They will continue to work with the owner to hammer out the details and we will see what happens. But, our assistance may be needed in the humane case as well. IF everything comes together as it should (for the sake of all of the horses involved) upwards of 13 horses will find safety and refuge in the next few days. We will keep you all posted as much as we can in that regard. But…

One of the most amazing things for us was that, as we talked to this incredible organization, we truly talked…threw around ideas…ways to further help the welfare of horses…ways to help ensure their long-term safety…ways to find them the best homes. And the end result was that this organization, that has been in operation far longer than we have, asked for more details on how we do things here. We have often referred to ourself as the underdog, the fledgling organization, the “newbies” if you will…and really, in the grand scheme of things…we are. But…to be “mentoring” (for lack of a better word) a large, amazing organization, that has been around way longer than us, just…made us feel so proud, yet humbled…and it was just so reassuring.

We often receive inquiries from smaller organizations than us, even those just trying to start up, and while we are always happy to help them in whatever way we can, offer them advice, etc, to have a larger, long-standing organization be able to take something away from a conversation with us, felt…truly amazing. And the best part? Two organizations, big and “small”, working together to do whatever they have in their power, to ensure the safety and well-being of more than a dozen horses. THAT…is how it should be.

Beyond that, the day was relatively quiet. No shenanigans from any of the horses. Everyone just kinda enjoyed their food and their playtime (especially as the snowmobiles wizzed by…Lol) and it gave me time to get more done that needed to get done without interruption. Our secretary got Petfinder worked out (a thorn in our side since implementing the new email addresses) and moved all of our data to our new accounts, along with getting hay of her own and everything else she needs to do on a daily basis. Oh! One very exciting thing happened! We finally got our 4-wheeler back!! It has been “at the shop” for what seems like forever! But, it is finally back and ready to get to work around here. You just don’t realize how bad you need one, until you don’t have one! Lol!

Nate was on the road towing and pulling people out of the ditches the better part of the day, so it really was a good time for me to sit down and focus. What I primarily focused on…was the upcoming auction. Do I dare ask people to donate again? What kind of weather will we have this week? Well, I am happy to announce, that the weather looks fine for travel and barring another stupid snow storm (that is not predicted at this time), we will be on our way to save as many as we can from slaughter this coming Friday. We have raised enough to save 3 and are closing in on 4. But, with the delay from this past Friday’s storm, we have upped our goal to saving 6. We will, however, save as many as we have funds for. If we raise enough to save 10…I guarantee you that we will do just that! 🙂 So, any amount you can spare, big or small, will go towards saving horses from slaughter on Friday.

I will bid you all a goodnight at this point. Tomorrow is already proving to be a busy day. Much to get done. Auction to prepare for, etc, etc. But, at least the weather looks way better than last week!! Goodnight everyone, and I hope to see you all on the flipside! 🙂