Pony Tales 3-6-5 (We need your help…)

Today has been a very busy day. Vet work to be done. More snow and freezing rain to deal with. Numerous inquiries. Making sure the truck is ready. Making sure the trailer is ready. But, what is weighing most on our minds right now is the upcoming auction. By this time on Friday, countless horses will be loaded onto the slaughter trucks and heading for the borders. We will be at the auction. The weather will not be an issue this week. And we will save as many as we can from that awful fate, but we can only save how many we can afford to. If we don’t have the funds…we can’t save them…. 🙁

Donations have been very slow to come in the last couple of days and we are still not quite able to save 4. Our original goal was 5, but with another week due to the storm, we raised our goal to 6. We can only save 3 at this time and we are running out of time. When the slaughter auction time is bearing down on us, this has to be my primary focus. If I cannot raise the funds, we cannot save the horses. The complete helplessness I feel as I watch horse after horse be bought by the killbuyers because we have run out of funds is a feeling a would not wish on my worst enemy. It is crushing, defeating, and physically painful. But, it is nothing compared to what those horses will endure if we can’t help them.

There is still time to donate and save a life. Even $5…heck just $1…from everyone adds up so fast. This is not a goal that we hope to reach with help from just one of you. But, if everyone gives a little, we could help so many. Please help us help them. While there is still time…time is running out for them. Once the auction is over, it’s…over for most of them. Please. Give Now.

Thank you all. We cannot do this without you.

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