The Slaughter Auction is tomorrow…

In less than 24 hours, the auction will be over. The horses there will either find a good home (very rare), be bought by the killbuyers to be slaughtered, or on our trailer to the safety of our shelter. We have raised enough to save 3. Though we are close to being able to save 4. But, our goal is to guarantee safety to at least 6. We are over halfway to our goal, but with little time left, we fear we will not reach it.

We will have to sit there quietly as silent tears run down our faces as we watch one after another get bought by the killbuyers. They will then be shoved onto the slaughter trucks for the long, torturous journey to the border. If they are lucky, they will be dumped at another auction along the way as the killbuyers hope to make a quick flip. Especially the smaller, thinner ones, as they won’t bring much at slaughter. And with any luck, they can find a home at the next auction. The rest though, should they even survive the trip, will meet the most horrible fate of an inhumane death to be slaughtered for their meat.

These horses who trusted humans. Face the ultimate betrayal. They have no voice, but the sadness and despair in their eyes haunts us even during our waking hours. So many lost. So many who just needed someone who could save them and give them that second chance. But, in less than 24 hours, they will either have a second chance or they may be lost forever….

Please help us help them. We will save as many as we can, but we can only save as many as we can afford. We need your help. THEY need your help. Please. Their time is running out. Some are already sitting at the auction house waiting to be saved. Please Give Now. They need you….

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