Pony Tales 3-6-5 (Baby belgian still needs a name!)

Today was rather ordinary. Chores as usual, etc. Our barn manager spent last night and this morning conversing with vets and other very experienced horse people about baby belgian’s legs and arrived bright and early with a list of things needed to begin treating her wounds/sores in the best way possible at this point. The two of us went our separate ways to gather up the supplies/medications and met back here to get to work.

And let me tell you something…her situation is dicey. There is no “clear” answer as to what caused this. There are potentially so many underlying or caused issues. Either way…it all goes back to the neglect that this poor baby has suffered through. There may be no quick fix, in fact…there may be no fix at all at this point…but we will do our best and only time will tell. But…at one time…there was a fix…that was ignored….

This baby stood like a pro while we cleaned and medicated and wrapped her sores. Clearly it bothered her at least a little, be it stinging, or burning, or just having them messed with. But, she ever so gently let us know that she felt it and we reassured her that we are trying to help. When it came time to dust her to treat the extreme rain rot she has, she was apprehensive at first, but once we hit “the spots”, she just melted. Her lips quivered and she nuzzled my arm and you could see her almost melt under our touch. We are guardedly hopeful for this young, sweet, baby-faced gentle giant. But, we are certainly not ready to give up on her. She deserves…so much time and effort and care…that she clearly has never had.

In honor of Justice, the little mare that didn’t make it out of the auction…we will do everything possible to help this baby. She is still waiting for a name as we had a tie. Be sure to vote (see previous post) so this sweet girl has a name tomorrow. And if you feel inclined to help with her care…no amount is ever too small….

You are all so amazing for following us, encouraging us, supporting us, even during the worst times that we go through. This baby would not be here without you. She would already be at the border awaiting the most awful fate. But, because of all of you, she is here and she is happy, and we can only hope and pray at this point that we can help her more than we were able to help Justice.

I will bid you all a goodnight now. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day, so stay tuned. And in the meantime, please vote for a name for baby belgian and keep her in your thoughts.