Pony Tales 3-6-5 (Intake #6 this year)

Today started out busy, as is most always usual. Thankfully, my amazing mother was here to help with the morning chores while we geared up for the equally amazing Pony Tales team to arrive today. So much to get done with so little time to do it in the winter. The team got to work right away initiating the new “protocols” that our new Barn Manager wants in place for each horse that passes through our gates. While our barn manager could not be here right away as she had doctor appointments for her children, the rest of the team showed up regardless and got to work.

MOST of the horses cooperated, but there is always that one or two that says “nope. not catching me today!” Lol. In the end though, they all caved in and got the work done that was needed. Our barn manager was finally able to leave the doctor’s office and arrived to help out. Shortly after she arrived though…intake #6 of 2020 arrived. A gorgeous, kid broke, 4H horse needed a new home and we are so happy to be able to provide her safety during her transition. Evaluations will begin soon once she is able to settle in. So, stay tuned!

While all of this was going on, Nate…doing what he does…towing…went to help out a local who was in a bit of a vehicular predicament. After that was taken care of, this amazing person, not only took care of the tow bill, but handed Nate a $100 bill to give to Pony Tales. Such an amazing gesture of support and while we could single this situation out from how awesome Nate’s customers are…it simply wouldn’t be true. SO often, the amazing people in our community bring their vehicles (or have them towed) to Nate’s shop for repair and before they leave, they throw a little bit to Pony Tales. The vast majority of his customers are not even horse people. A vast majority of them have never even been around a horse. But…the people in our small, yet oh so amazing, community…love what we do here.

Animal rescue, of any species, is not something that only animal people support. It, in the grand scheme of things, is most often supported by those who do not have animals. Rather, it is most often supported by those who cannot help the animals themselves…but don’t want to see them suffer. They are incredible, selfless people who, if they could…they would do more themselves…but they are not in a position to do so. So instead, they support those who can.

It is always so heartwarming when we get a donation from a grumpy old man who “never liked horses to begin with”, but doesn’t want to see them suffer either. So, he will open up his wallet and after he pays his vehicle repair bill, he hands us a few extra bucks for the horses. You don’t have to be a horse lover to not want to see them suffer. And this community we live in…while they may not all “love” horses…they love what we are doing….

The day ended (other than the chores I still need to attend to and dinner to cook, lol) with a long overdue talk with one of our team members. I will not go into details, but, after that talk…my shoulders feel lighter, my mind is more clear, I think I will sleep better tonight than I have in a long time, and I cried…shocking…I know….Lol.

So, everything else aside, please give Miss Pearl (intake #6 of 2020) a giant Pony Tales welcome and stay tuned for updates on this gorgeous girl! I finally feel that Pony Tales is fully back on track and we have so much planned…so stick around…you won’t wanna miss it! 😉