Pony Tales 3-6-5 (Welcome February!)

What a gorgeous and unseasonably warm day today! The sun came out. The snow was falling off the roof and melting everywhere! With Groundhog’s Day tomorrow, we sure have our fingers crossed here! Lol. It was relatively quiet around here. Stalls to strip and cleaning out the trailer in prep for teeth floating day next week. Fiona (Baby B) needed her wounds attended to more (slow progress there, but progress nonetheless), but it was otherwise a quiet and peaceful day as we all soaked up as much sunshine as we could. It also gave me some much needed time to dive into our new website. Something I have not been able to do since it was created 9 months ago.

The horses here asked me to find them Valentine’s this year for Valentine’s Day as they are wishing for peppermints, funny pictures, and Valentine’s of their own. To be a Pony Tales Valentine, click here!

In the meantime though, it was confirmed that Miss Nala is in fact in foal and if our figuring is accurate, she is due in the next 4-8 weeks. Big window. We know. But, when you know little about their past, you go off of what you have. She is NOT by any means safe to palpate. So, time was spent getting her used to have her back end handled, her tail wrapped, and just overall handling as you never know what will happen during foaling and we need to be able to handle her to take care of any emergencies and even just to be handle baby right away.

With baby on the way, we are sure praying for the nice weather to continue. With any luck, February of 2019 will not repeat itself. If it comes to that though, we do not yet have a heated barn. We do have access to one or we can even send her to our vet, but this will not be free of charge. So, we will keep our fingers crossed for nice weather. We cannot control the weather, nor can we control when she has her baby. But, with your help, we can somewhat control a safe foaling and a healthy baby. If you have even just $1 to spare, it could become so important to not just Nala, but the baby as well.

And don’t forget those here looking for their very own Valentine. No amount is ever too small. Thank you all so much!!