Pony Tales 3-6-5 (47 degrees!!!)

What a B-E-A-utiful day here in WI! Groundhog’s Day 2020 was sunshiney and warm and just listening to the snow sliding off the roofs and dripping onto the ground and seeing the melting everywhere you looked, was so amazing! It quickly conjured up images of our goals around here once it warms up for the year and our minds our just filled with visions of the future!

As always though, there is the typical work to get done…picked up around 40 bales of hay. Had plans to pick up 2 loads as we go through roughly 40 small squares per week, but it was just too nice out to make 2 trips. Lol. We’ll go grab 2 more loads in the next couple of days. We took the hay wagon over to get loaded up with round bales as well. The last load of 11 lasted almost a month, so this next load should see us close to March. That, of course, is with the number currently here. You never know what is going to happen numbers-wise around here from day to day. And it is such an incredible feeling to know that, no matter what, no matter who or how many need help, we are able to take them in. Oh, what an incredible journey it has been for us since last spring…. 🙂

With the builder planning to come out on Tuesday, Nate and I also went to pick up supplies to frame in the office in the new barn. More visions of the future and our excitement and motivation around here is starting to really amp up! We got a quote for pre-fab stalls for the new barn and while it was a nice quote with a generous deduction, we are going to pursue other options as the pre-fab stalls may not fit exactly what we are wanting in the new barn. But, we shall see….

We wound the day down with Nate working on fixing up an old truck he has (what he loves to do in his spare time) and taking the dogs for a walk through the woods (we have yet to miss a month without going for at least one walk with them for over 2 years now!) The dogs love the walks and they are all snoring by my side right now. Their pent up energy all spent. Lol. As we neared the end of our walk, I glanced back at the setting sun and just soaked in the last few rays. It was a gorgeous day, followed by a gorgeous sunset. While tomorrow will be much busier with the team coming out and a potential adoption, we will lay our heads down our pillows tonight and drift of to dream about the future and…well…about when the next time we see 47 degrees will be….

We hope you all were able to enjoy the amazing weather today as well, assuming you were blessed with the same, and I will bid you all a goodnight. I hope to see you on the flipside and I’ll be honest, I love being able to share our days with you all. It often helps me put even the bad days into perspective, put the hard times to rest, and ready myself for what is to come. You all are the best supporters we could ever dream of and we hope you will all continue on this incredible journey with us. This is just the beginning after all…. 🙂