Pony Tales 3-6-5 (Mr. Olaf is coming around)

You may all remember little Mr. Pony Olaf’s video of his first time leading from a couple of weeks ago (“how many people does it take to lead a pony?”). Well, today this handsome, most adorable little mover, with personality to die for, improved leaps and bounds from that day just a couple weeks ago! This little turd is so stinking adorable with spunk and sass that makes even the hardest of hearts smile and laugh, is going to be one amazing pony one day.

Just shy of 3 years old and basically completely unhandled until recently, this little guy is so smart (and rambunctious) almost to a fault! After playing with him for a little bit in the roundpen and him doing amazingly well (for a spunky pony…lol), it was time to expand his horizons. Enter the dreaded horse-eating tarp. At first he was very nervous. He did not like the sound. He wanted the whole thing just to go away, but by the end of his session, he was wearing the tarp like a pro and standing calm and quiet for hugs, kisses, and loving all over (video to come).

Baby B (Fiona’s) wounds were attended to. Diablo was worked with some more and even ridden (video to come). Haven met a potential adopter, but this big lady was a bit too much to handle on the ground for them (video to come). I know. I know. Lots of “video to come”, but it has been a long day and there are still chores to do, dinner to make, and hoping once again to get to bed at a decent time as tomorrow will be busy as well.

We are hopeful that the wonderful potential home that came to meet Haven today will keep in touch as there are always horses coming in and many, many drafts at the auctions we attend (next one is planned for Feb. 21 so stay tuned). So, after a long day, with relatively decent weather for early February in WI, while nobody found a home today…after today (and once I get the videos together) we are hopeful that all the hard work today will help 3 horses find homes soon.

Another potential team member was out today for the second time and you may see more of her soon as she has a lot to offer. In the meantime, we are preparing for tomorrow, farrier day on Wednesday along with floats for 3 others and, as always, you just never know what is going to happen here day to day.

I am off to do chores for the night and head up to the house, but please don’t forget about Valentine’s Day coming up on us soon. The horses here would really love some peppermints and loving that day and we will share pictures and videos of it all! Follow the link here to be their Valentine! Thank you all and we hope you have a wonderful night. 🙂