Pony Tales 3-6-5 (As hoped, Lemony is broke!)

Oh my gosh, what a day! Where do I even start?! I’ll start with the “bad” I guess you could call it – Fiona. The canker “diagnosis” just wasn’t sitting right with me and I spent the morning doing research and talking with our vet while my mom took care of chores, trying to get as much done as possible before the Team arrived. Proud flesh? That’s what it looks like to most everybody and that was the original diagnosis. But, something wasn’t quite adding up and nothing I found or talked about even remotely suggested that it was canker run amok. Hmmmm….whatever could it be?? With the vet lined up to come out this afternoon to draw blood for a full, overall health workup, we had nothing to lose by researching. And…what I found…has all of our hopes (with any luck, not foolishly) on the rise again. We will still await the results of the blood test, but if it is what we are all starting to think it is…this is not the end of the line for Baby B. I will give you all an update as soon as we know more! 😉

We dove into why Kit seems a bit “funky” and her prognosis is looking good as well at this point and we will keep you all posted! It was becoming very wearing on me with one after the other from the last auction rescue needing the last act of kindness. Especially, when two of them are so young and the initial loss at the auction itself with poor Justice. 🙁 But, as we always say, euthanasia is the very last resort. If there is any chance that we can help them become pain free without it, we will do whatever we can to do so. Besides, they haven’t even been here that long. It is always the last resort, but what is in the best interest of the horse in the end, will always prevail. So, please keep them both in your thoughts and pray that they can overcome what their past has inflicted on them.

So, while we were all pretty happy and feeling good about things, we always kinda feel like the bottom is gonna drop out. What “bad” is going to happen? Certainly the entire day can’t be full of good news, right? And low and behold, it was time to see what, if anything, sweet, adorable, but timid, Lemony the mule knew. Convinced that this was gonna be the “bad” part of the day, we all braced ourselves for the outcome of her evaluation. And at first, it didn’t look good…but…

As we suspected (and hoped with all hope), this oh so cute mule mare…is BROKE!! And not just a little broke. A LOT broke!! Rusty, as she has likely sat for a while and she is still a bit unsure of us all, but she has the softest mouth, is very responsive, and just a complete and amazing beautiful soul through and through. She will need to trust her new person obviously, but once she does…she will do whatever you ask of her. She has been here just shy of 2 weeks and I’ll tell you a secret…over the last 3 days, she has decided the paddock she is in is hers and now objects to our dog entering it! In true mule fashion, she is a protector. She will learn, in time, that the dog she objects to right now is ok if she’s in there, but it is so wonderful to see Lemony feeling “at home” and “claiming” her space and her herd. The dog is fine and has hopefully learned now not to go into her paddock (she knows she’s not supposed to anyway) and we look forward to working with Lemony further and finding her that most perfect home.

She is a true treasure and any home will be so lucky to have her. Deep down, I wish I could keep her for myself, but I also know deep down that I cannot give her the attention she deserves. Lemony will continue being worked with and “spruced up” under saddle, but it is never too late to put your application in to meet her. Just email us at info@ponytalesrefuge.org. But, whoever adopts her, I sure hope they will come to our trail ride every year. Just so I can see her…I’m a sap…I know…Lol.

Anyway, good day at Pony Tales. AND it’s Friday! Much to get done this weekend and so much planned (even a potential adoption), so stay tuned!