Pony Tales 3-6-5 (The Pony Tales Mobile is getting ready!)

What. A. Day! Nate and I have, for the most part, recovered from our sickness over the weekend. I don’t know what happened. Was it just the whole Valentine’s Day thing all around…? Lol. Whatever it was, we are sure hopeful that since we encountered very few people over the weekend that our “disease” did not spread. I would not wish it on anyone. Oy.

Steph and Taylor were out today to prep for the auction, intake day, and work with some horses. Steph reports that Nala is “acting even more weird” today, so she is on full baby alert. You just never know when the babies will come and it’s so awesome that she has taken it upon herself to handle what can be a very difficult thing. Please all keep Nala and baby in your thoughts as she gets closer and closer to foaling. Winter is never an ideal time to have a baby and we can only hope and pray that the irresponsible breeding that has led to this guessing game will work out for everyone involved.

I was able to continue my venture into updating the website and I am happy to report…that it is ready! Which is why I am now blogging again. Lol. There are still some things to be tweaked and a couple things I’d like to add, but you know what? While our website has been a thorn in my side since we first created one way back when…I have now realized it was just a problem for me because there was so much else I had to do. And to now have the help that was needed for me to sit down and make it what I envisioned, well…there are just no words. This team that has developed and is growing is going to make it possible for so many horses to find shelter and homes. It truly makes my heart so happy. 🙂

Let’s see…what else happened today…hmmm…well, we learned that 15 horses may be surrendered to us in the near future. That was something we had to take time to wrap our minds around! Lol. But, we are so happy to be able to say “yes, we can take them”. The decision is now up to the owners and while we will not pressure them to surrender their horses, we let them know that we are here should they decide to do so.

One of the newest surrenders got worked with today and this man…oofda! He is something else! Videos and more info to come, but you will not want to miss out on your chance to call this handsome man your own!

As we’ve mentioned, the auction is coming this week. We have raised enough to save one from slaughter, but we are hoping to save five. This month, if you purchase an insulated grocery tote, you will be helping to save a horse at the auction! They are only $20 each and if we sell 75 we can save one horse for sure. If we reach our goal of selling 100, we will be able to save 2! And you get an awesome insulated grocery tote boasting that you helped save a horse to boot! Click here to get your very own and save a horse at the same time!

Finally, to wind down the day, the Pony Tales Mobile, my wonderful, trustworthy, beast of a Denali, is getting looked over and ready for the trip to the auction this week. This is the first time Nate has had a chance to check out Ryan’s work replacing the brake lines at the last auction and Nate said “Wow! He did a really nice job!” So, HUGE shout out to Ryan and crew for fixing up the beast so well and ensuring us a safe trip home with the beautiful souls saved at the last auction.

I will leave you all for the night and I sure hope you will all get in on getting your insulated grocery tote. What a super simple way to save a horse from slaughter and let others know about the horses in need. If you don’t want or need a tote, no worries. No amount is ever too small. With how many have sold already, we will be able to save two for sure in no time! But! Time is running out. So please donate or buy your tote. We cannot do this without you. Thank you all!