Pony Tales 3-6-5 (Pony Tales is Hiring!)

Good evening, Everyone! Not the 3-6-5 I had planned, but our return from our mini-vacation, while we are extremely thankful for the help we had, it made it abundantly obvious where some holes are that need to be filled in. Don’t worry. All the horses were cared for and everything was fine, so maybe it was just the time off that had me looking at things a bit differently today. With the nicer weather and spring on the horizon, there is just so much that can be done in a day around here now and I guess, today it just kinda hit me that…well, we need more help to get it done.

We did some amazing networking while we were on vacation and there is so much that I personally need to get done to help this organization grow to help even more horses. Many things that I normally take care of around here are now in need of someone else to step up to the plate so I can get my job done. Our current team is awesome, but as we grow, our team needs to grow as well.

If you are interested in helping out around here, please email me at rescueme@ponytalesrefuge.org. I cannot be more specific about what the duties will be, but I can tell you that the primary qualification is going to be a serious interest in helping horses, helping this organization grow, and a devotion to what we do here. None of the work here is “easy”. But, the rewards are indescribable if…you truly care about our mission.

I will leave you all tonight with this super cute photo of Karmell. She shows so much potential under saddle and has such a great mind. It is truly hard to believe that this sweet, gorgeous girl is still here! Interested in her? Email us at info@ponytalesrefuge.org!!