Teddy would like to introduce himself!

Good morning everyone!

My name is Teddy. Don’t let my good looks fool you, I am an older guy with not much for teeth, but that won’t stop me from being the center of attention! I enjoy riding around with a partner, saddle or no saddle, but the one thing I enjoy more than that is my daily mash! YUM. 🥰

My pasture mates are more than willing to let me eat their hay, and while I don’t mind taking a little bit and sucking the flavor out, it just doesn’t fill my belly. I patiently wait every morning (well, kind of patiently lol), for Cheryl to bring me my food.

My mini friend, Jackie loves to share my meals with me. She’s kind of cool.😉

I make a great pal and even if you don’t want to ride together I would have no problem hanging out with you all day long. With treats maybe too? No? I can’t eat them? Oh, right. 😝

I am still on the hunt for my new family but not to worry, I promise I don’t bite! Lol.