10for20 Matching Campaign


We have thought about this for quite sometime and are finally diving into it…
Our first ever Donation Matching Campaign!! 

Our goal with this campaign is to raise enough funds to build an indoor turnout rehabilitation area for our stall rested equines. There are many horses that come through our doors who cannot have regular turnout in the large pastures we have for various reasons weather it be the footing outside, the nature of their injury, ect. Especially when it is snowy, muddy, and slippery out. With the weather we get here in Wisconsin, it can be a hazard/risk to allow them out to those pastures unsupervised.

With this indoor turnout rehabilitation area we can..

  • Get the horses in rehab the exercise they need with supervision to avoid the risk of further injury
  • Avoid slippery terrain in the Winter
  • Avoid the slippery mud in the Spring
  • Allow them turnout no matter what the weather outside is
  • Help them as they begin to come off of stall rest in a controlled environment
  • Provide them with the physical therapy required to help them go from being on stall rest to being in a large turnout area uninhibited
  • Aids in hoof health by encouraging blood circulation
  • Decreases the likelihood of older rehabilitated horses getting stiff
  • Reduction of stress and stable vices/behavioral issues
  • Helps teach youngsters how to move as well as manners
  • Socialization, which is vital to this herd animal’s psychological well-being
  • Reduces the chance of respiratory system illness, by providing fresh dust-free air

Not only would the indoor turnout be beneficial for our rehabilitating equines, but it can also help with all of the others who are actively looking for their new homes!

The indoor turnout can be beneficial for non-stall rested horses by..

  • Avoiding adoption cancellations due to inclement weather conditions
  • Allow for us to continue working with horses no matter the weather outside
  • If all stalls are currently occupied with those in rehab it would allow for those who don’t weather storms well, such as the elderly, thinner, and very young horses a place to go to weather out the storm

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) full circle of life equine shelter dedicated to rescuing all equines from abuse, neglect, abandonment and slaughter. Pony Tales Refuge provides the rescues with a safe, loving home to recover and rehabilitate while providing food, shelter, medical care, nurturing and training. Pony Tales will not turn away an equine in need. Whether the horse enters our gates from a slaughter auction, an owner surrender, or because of law enforcement cases of neglect and/or abandonment, each horse receives all cares as well as safety at our shelter for as much time as they need to be ready for a new home. As a full circle of life shelter, we will never turn a horse away regardless of age, breed, training, or circumstances. While most rescues are “full” unless a highly adoptable horse needs help, we will take in any horse at any time and give that second chance to all horses who are not suffering irreparable damage. Your support ensures that we will be able to continue to offer that second chance to ANY horse in need at ANY time. Will you help us give them the second chance that so many others refuse?