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We make the adoption process quick and painless so the horses can move on to their new lives as soon as that perfect home comes along!


Adoption Process

We make the adoption process as easy as possible while continuing to thoroughly vet potential homes. Any horse adopted from Pony Tales is welcome back here at any time and the adopter can choose to try another horse looking for a home. How can you qualify?

❏   You need to have a safe facility for a horse to live in and shelter - either man-made or natural. 
❏    An Adoption Specialist will match you with the horse we believe would be the best match for you. If, at any time during the adoption process we believe the horse is not the right match, we may deny the adoption.
❏    Once the right horse has been found for you, you can complete the adoption paperwork. At anytime in the future if you're no longer able to keep the horse, the horse can returned to us free of charge other than transportation costs.
❏    If you're unable to transport your new adoptive horse to your home, transportation can be arranged at $2 dollars a loaded mile.
❏    Post Adoption we will always be here for you and your horse.  If you have any questions about your adopted horse, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Ready to adopt? Contact us today or click on and submit the Adoption Application below to learn how to open your doors to a horse in need of a home.

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Every beautiful soul here is looking for a home to call their own!

It is our goal to find a home for every horse that enters our gates. Our Adoption Specialist evaluate every horse to help them find the most perfect match with a new family. From highly trained/skilled horses to the most amazing companions for their new family and pasture mates. Every horse deserves a home to call their own.

Horses that are in need of more rehab and/or training are worked with my our team of trainers or enter our STAR program. The STAR Team (Specialized Trainers After Rescue) are made up of knowledgeable, caring people and trainers who take them in, complete their rehab and train them to become good citizens ready to move on to their new homes. 

Become a Pony Tales STAR!

Are you a trainer or experienced rider who is not looking to adopt, but would love to help a horse? Then the STAR program is for you! Contact us today for more information on becoming a part of our STAR Team and help a horse find a home.

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