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The Pony Tales STAR team (Specialized Trainers After Rescue) are an integral part of our organization helping to provide training and finding homes for these beautiful souls.

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STAR (Specialized Trainers After Rescue) Team members are knowledgeable horse people who become an extension of Pony Tales’ Adoption Program to help adopt more horses out and find loving homes. Each person has their own network and, by working together, we can adopt out a large number of horses. Pony Tales can only shelter so many horses and by utilizing the STAR Team, we are able to transfer adoptable horses to them and the Team members are then able to use their network to adopt out the horse. STAR Team members are allowed to keep the adoption fee to help cover any costs they incur while caring for the horse in transition.

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Adopting a horse can be a life-changing event.  Horses are capable of so many things and can take you to new heights!

Frequently Asked Questions of the STAR Team

Q: How do I become a STAR Team member?
A: We are looking for knowledgeable horse people to join our STAR Team.  If you're interested in becoming a Team member, please email us a resume of your horse experience, pictures of your facility, and 2-5 references. If you have video of yourself working with horses you've trained, please send links to some of the videos.  A phone and in-person interview is required as part of the Team member process.

Q: Is a STAR Team member similar to being a foster home?
A: Yes, a Team member is similar to being a foster home. However, you receive ownership of that horse and the right to re-home the horse.  A Team member works with, refreshes, trains, etc., a horse to help prepare the horse for adoption and helps to find the horse a home using their own network.

Q: Will I need to meet with adopters?
A: Yes. You are would be an extension of Pony Tales' Adoption Program. You will meet with, show the horse, and determine matches based on your personal knowledge of the horse.

Q: Will Pony Tales give me the basic requirements and guidelines for adoptions?
A: Yes. We will be with you every step of the way helping you determine the best home for the horse.

Q: Do I have to be a trainer to be an Adoption Partner?
A: Yes and No. You need to be able to continue to work with the horse to keep them fresh. If you are an experienced rider/handler, you may qualify to be a STAR Team member as well.

Q: Will I get paid or reimbursed for my time and expenses?
A: Yes. As a STAR Team member, you will be able to keep 100% of the adoption fee received** from the horse you adopt out.  The funds that you receive can help reimburse any cost you may have incurred while caring for the horse while it was in transition. Horses are costly, and you might not recover all of your money you put into the horse, but we encourage our Team members to find homes as soon as possible and set the adoption price where funds invested in the horse can be recovered through the adoption fee.

Q: How long do I have to keep the horse?
A:  This is a voluntary program. If you can no longer keep the horse or you determine that you are unable to adopt out the horse, it can come back to Pony Tales.

Q: My question was not answered in the above list.
A: Please contact us with any questions you may have by clicking here: Contact Us.

**Contact us for more information.

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