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The slaughter auction is tomorrow.

Thank you all for continuing to follow and support us. Website and computer glitches had the blog on the backburner for quite some time. As everything is falling back into place and functioning properly, the horses at the slaughter auction are calling our name louder than ever. We have raised enough funds so far to save four from that horrible fate. We are hoping to save more. We are expecting upwards of 100 horses to be at the auction tomorrow. Every horse we can save is one more horse that will be spared that awful trip to the border. Will you help us help more? We cannot do it without your help. We have our truck and new larger trailer ready to fill up and bring so many to safety. Please help us fill the trailer. Please. Give Now.
Thank you all! πŸ’—


Credit Card:

By phone: 877-766-9857

Pony Tales Refuge & Rehab
4398 130th Avenue
Colfax, WI 54730

πŸ’–Thank You For Your Support!πŸ’–

Pony Tales Refuge & Rehab is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal welfare organization, tax ID #47-1658095.

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Pony Tales 3-6-5 (Pony Tales is Hiring!)

Good evening, Everyone! Not the 3-6-5 I had planned, but our return from our mini-vacation, while we are extremely thankful for the help we had, it made it abundantly obvious where some holes are that need to be filled in. Don’t worry. All the horses were cared for and everything was fine, so maybe it was just the time off that had me looking at things a bit differently today. With the nicer weather and spring on the horizon, there is just so much that can be done in a day around here now and I guess, today it just kinda hit me that…well, we need more help to get it done.

We did some amazing networking while we were on vacation and there is so much that I personally need to get done to help this organization grow to help even more horses. Many things that I normally take care of around here are now in need of someone else to step up to the plate so I can get my job done. Our current team is awesome, but as we grow, our team needs to grow as well.

If you are interested in helping out around here, please email me at I cannot be more specific about what the duties will be, but I can tell you that the primary qualification is going to be a serious interest in helping horses, helping this organization grow, and a devotion to what we do here. None of the work here is “easy”. But, the rewards are indescribable if…you truly care about our mission.

I will leave you all tonight with this super cute photo of Karmell. She shows so much potential under saddle and has such a great mind. It is truly hard to believe that this sweet, gorgeous girl is still here! Interested in her? Email us at!!

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Pony Tales 3-6-5 (The auction is this Friday!)

It was a bitter cold day here as forecast. While the swelling in Gunner’s legs went down, the swelling in his manhood did not. It was immediately decided that he needed to go someplace warm until the antibiotics could fully work their magic. While this was getting figured out, we consulted with three veterinary clinics and worked out a solid course of action. He is now in a barn that will not go below freezing as ours will during this frigid cold, is continuing on the anti-inflammatories, and most of the blood work has come back supporting the initial thought that it is an infection causing the issues. This is GOOD news and we are guardedly optimistic. With a new volunteer out for a “tour” today, she was quickly thrown into what is often a day in the life here at Pony Tales. What is expected to be a quiet day, often turns into quite the opposite. Not sure if she’ll be back…. Lol. But, we do hope she will be!

We received more good news that Ms. Sarabi is NOT in foal as previously “diagnosed” (or so we were told). This is very good news as our team can now fully get to working with her without worrying about potential baby on board. Nala, on the other hand, is getting bigger and bigger by the day. We suspect it will not be long before her baby arrives and we continue to just hope and pray that the weather will be on her side when the time comes.

With everything worked out and things moving forward with the horses currently here, it was time to get back to fundraising for the horses out there at risk this Friday. The auction will be over in less than 48 hours. We have raised enough to save 2 horses from slaughter. We will have 2 trailers with us that will be able to carry 6-8 horses, but we are keeping our goal realistic at saving 5. We can only save as many as funds allow us to responsibly care for, but we WILL save as many as absolutely possible with the funds raised. If we are able to save 8, we will do just that.

We understand this is a tough time of year for many, but it is also a time of year when many are getting their tax returns back. Please consider even just $5, less than the cost of lunch nowadays, and help save a horse from slaughter. We cannot help them without you and time is running short. Please. Give Now.


Credit Card:

Mail: Pony Tales Refuge: 4398 130th Avenue, Colfax, WI 54730

Phone: 877-766-9857

Thank you all! No amount is ever too small!

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Pony Tales 3-6-5 (The Pony Tales Mobile is getting ready!)

What. A. Day! Nate and I have, for the most part, recovered from our sickness over the weekend. I don’t know what happened. Was it just the whole Valentine’s Day thing all around…? Lol. Whatever it was, we are sure hopeful that since we encountered very few people over the weekend that our “disease” did not spread. I would not wish it on anyone. Oy.

Steph and Taylor were out today to prep for the auction, intake day, and work with some horses. Steph reports that Nala is “acting even more weird” today, so she is on full baby alert. You just never know when the babies will come and it’s so awesome that she has taken it upon herself to handle what can be a very difficult thing. Please all keep Nala and baby in your thoughts as she gets closer and closer to foaling. Winter is never an ideal time to have a baby and we can only hope and pray that the irresponsible breeding that has led to this guessing game will work out for everyone involved.

I was able to continue my venture into updating the website and I am happy to report…that it is ready! Which is why I am now blogging again. Lol. There are still some things to be tweaked and a couple things I’d like to add, but you know what? While our website has been a thorn in my side since we first created one way back when…I have now realized it was just a problem for me because there was so much else I had to do. And to now have the help that was needed for me to sit down and make it what I envisioned, well…there are just no words. This team that has developed and is growing is going to make it possible for so many horses to find shelter and homes. It truly makes my heart so happy. πŸ™‚

Let’s see…what else happened today…hmmm…well, we learned that 15 horses may be surrendered to us in the near future. That was something we had to take time to wrap our minds around! Lol. But, we are so happy to be able to say “yes, we can take them”. The decision is now up to the owners and while we will not pressure them to surrender their horses, we let them know that we are here should they decide to do so.

One of the newest surrenders got worked with today and this man…oofda! He is something else! Videos and more info to come, but you will not want to miss out on your chance to call this handsome man your own!

As we’ve mentioned, the auction is coming this week. We have raised enough to save one from slaughter, but we are hoping to save five. This month, if you purchase an insulated grocery tote, you will be helping to save a horse at the auction! They are only $20 each and if we sell 75 we can save one horse for sure. If we reach our goal of selling 100, we will be able to save 2! And you get an awesome insulated grocery tote boasting that you helped save a horse to boot! Click here to get your very own and save a horse at the same time!

Finally, to wind down the day, the Pony Tales Mobile, my wonderful, trustworthy, beast of a Denali, is getting looked over and ready for the trip to the auction this week. This is the first time Nate has had a chance to check out Ryan’s work replacing the brake lines at the last auction and Nate said “Wow! He did a really nice job!” So, HUGE shout out to Ryan and crew for fixing up the beast so well and ensuring us a safe trip home with the beautiful souls saved at the last auction.

I will leave you all for the night and I sure hope you will all get in on getting your insulated grocery tote. What a super simple way to save a horse from slaughter and let others know about the horses in need. If you don’t want or need a tote, no worries. No amount is ever too small. With how many have sold already, we will be able to save two for sure in no time! But! Time is running out. So please donate or buy your tote. We cannot do this without you. Thank you all!

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Pony Tales 3-6-5 (As hoped, Lemony is broke!)

Oh my gosh, what a day! Where do I even start?! I’ll start with the “bad” I guess you could call it – Fiona. The canker “diagnosis” just wasn’t sitting right with me and I spent the morning doing research and talking with our vet while my mom took care of chores, trying to get as much done as possible before the Team arrived. Proud flesh? That’s what it looks like to most everybody and that was the original diagnosis. But, something wasn’t quite adding up and nothing I found or talked about even remotely suggested that it was canker run amok. Hmmmm….whatever could it be?? With the vet lined up to come out this afternoon to draw blood for a full, overall health workup, we had nothing to lose by researching. And…what I found…has all of our hopes (with any luck, not foolishly) on the rise again. We will still await the results of the blood test, but if it is what we are all starting to think it is…this is not the end of the line for Baby B. I will give you all an update as soon as we know more! πŸ˜‰

We dove into why Kit seems a bit “funky” and her prognosis is looking good as well at this point and we will keep you all posted! It was becoming very wearing on me with one after the other from the last auction rescue needing the last act of kindness. Especially, when two of them are so young and the initial loss at the auction itself with poor Justice. πŸ™ But, as we always say, euthanasia is the very last resort. If there is any chance that we can help them become pain free without it, we will do whatever we can to do so. Besides, they haven’t even been here that long. It is always the last resort, but what is in the best interest of the horse in the end, will always prevail. So, please keep them both in your thoughts and pray that they can overcome what their past has inflicted on them.

So, while we were all pretty happy and feeling good about things, we always kinda feel like the bottom is gonna drop out. What “bad” is going to happen? Certainly the entire day can’t be full of good news, right? And low and behold, it was time to see what, if anything, sweet, adorable, but timid, Lemony the mule knew. Convinced that this was gonna be the “bad” part of the day, we all braced ourselves for the outcome of her evaluation. And at first, it didn’t look good…but…

As we suspected (and hoped with all hope), this oh so cute mule mare…is BROKE!! And not just a little broke. A LOT broke!! Rusty, as she has likely sat for a while and she is still a bit unsure of us all, but she has the softest mouth, is very responsive, and just a complete and amazing beautiful soul through and through. She will need to trust her new person obviously, but once she does…she will do whatever you ask of her. She has been here just shy of 2 weeks and I’ll tell you a secret…over the last 3 days, she has decided the paddock she is in is hers and now objects to our dog entering it! In true mule fashion, she is a protector. She will learn, in time, that the dog she objects to right now is ok if she’s in there, but it is so wonderful to see Lemony feeling “at home” and “claiming” her space and her herd. The dog is fine and has hopefully learned now not to go into her paddock (she knows she’s not supposed to anyway) and we look forward to working with Lemony further and finding her that most perfect home.

She is a true treasure and any home will be so lucky to have her. Deep down, I wish I could keep her for myself, but I also know deep down that I cannot give her the attention she deserves. Lemony will continue being worked with and “spruced up” under saddle, but it is never too late to put your application in to meet her. Just email us at But, whoever adopts her, I sure hope they will come to our trail ride every year. Just so I can see her…I’m a sap…I know…Lol.

Anyway, good day at Pony Tales. AND it’s Friday! Much to get done this weekend and so much planned (even a potential adoption), so stay tuned!

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Pony Tales 3-6-5 (“Official” Episode 1 of Horse Rescue Heroes is up!)

I know. I know. It’s been a little confusing for some since one episode has already aired. However, that was Episode 5 and it was aired first because it was the episode that had already premiered at the Equus Film Festival. So TODAY, Episode 1, the true beginning of the series was posted and will be available on Amazon Prime whenever Amazon gets around to it. Large companies. What do ya do?! Lol.

One thing to keep in mind is that we are not seeing the episodes any sooner than any of you. So, we are watching them all for the first time as well. I will admit that I had to watch Episode 1 twice. There was a lot of information and background provided and it had my mind relating so much, on so many levels, with how Horse Plus started and the path they have been on since, and the complete passion that has been the driving force, and what has brought both them and us to where we both are now. One thing that keeps circulating in my mind is…where will we be in 11 years? Our goals. Our desire to work with and help others. Our constant self-sacrifice to help horses. Our passion for what we are doing. I mean, just thinking about how much has changed around here and how many more horses we have been able to help because of their mentoring over just the last few months, well…add years to this and…honestly…it’s almost scary to think of what we will be able to accomplish and how many we will be able to help….

As I watched Episode 1 for the second time, my mind began to spin. My throat began to tighten (due to other reasons than the tears…lol). I thought back to the first one-day surrender event in WI that we hosted back in 2016. I thought about how much we had changed even just since then. Still peddling away obviously with Nate, for all intents and purposes, funding the entire organization, but so much just since then. Especially in the last year. And it is amazing. And awesome. And incredible. But…scary….

I mean, this is hard. This is not an easy “job”. Just the last week and a half since the auction has worn on me not just physically, but mentally as well. And as you can see from the photo about the number of horses surrendered by state at the free surrender events over the last 3 years, Wisconsin was only second to California. A state that FAR exceeds Wisconsin’s population and size. There are SO many horses, just in and around WI that need help. And, of course, we are here to help, but looking at those numbers (which does not include 2019)…that doesn’t even count the people who did not ask for our help. And it conjures up images of horses starving, neglected, wasting away, or those left just fending for themselves until nature takes over (or with any luck, law enforcement steps in). And those are just the ones that belong to people who throw their hands in the air and give up. But, what about the others? The ones that the owners feel they are “owed” money for just for having the horse? Or the owners that don’t know we are here and that we can help?

Those are the horses who suffer the most. Either left to die, waiting to be seized, or sent to auction where they face the second worst death besides starvation – slaughter.

We have personally been involved in the safe surrender of 158 horses since October 2016. We have personally taken in 25% of those horses. We are the only organization in WI that has been involved and helped horses from each of the three events. On one hand, I wonder, are we just stupid? On the other hand, I wonder, why are we the only ones? Why, in a state that shows such a clear need for organizations willing to take in ANY horse, regardless of age, breed, training, etc, are we the only one who won’t turn their back, no matter what? We asked SEVERAL organizations both in 2016 and in 2019 to help. Only a couple would. Everyone is full or waiting on some horses to be seized. And THAT, now that I typed it, is where my confusion comes in….

Horses at the auctions, horses starving and neglected, the “humane cases” where horses are seized…can all be prevented. We will never sit around and wait for horses to be seized due to neglect or starvation or any reason. Why? Because with the way the laws are now, in order to be seized, those horses have suffered SO much and SO many are too far gone. In fact, sometimes it takes a horse dying in order for the rest to be seized. How, as an equine rescuer, does it make sense to just sit back and wait for law enforcement to do something while the horses are suffering? And besides that, what about the others? Are the neglected and starving horses the only ones that deserve help?

I’m just…I don’t know…my mind is a mess. I feel so sad and frustrated. Our efforts to save horses in need, no matter where they are or what their background is, are so often hampered by those who somehow feel that what we are doing is wrong.

And it boils down to this: I don’t care. Pony Tales was born from a deep-seeded desire to help those that needed it. In my time of need, because of a rescue horse, I was saved. That one special horse who saved me, is driving this entire organization. And I’ll tell you what…I will not let him down. We are here to help the horses. We will take responsibility for your horse if you are unable to do so. We will save horses directly from the slaughter pipeline even if it means that all we can offer is love and a peaceful ending. It will wear on us. We will get weary. We will falter. We will second-guess ourselves constantly. But…we will never give up.

So…while what we are capable of is scary going forward…we will not shy away. And with you all behind us…and with this incredible team that has formed here…oh my…just think of what we can accomplish together….

We are going to the slaughter auction again in just 2 weeks. We have a second (and possible a third) trailer coming with. Help us help them. They don’t deserve to be there. They don’t deserve that fate. We will get to them sooner if possible, but some owners just won’t let us. Please. Give now.

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Pony Tales 3-6-5 (Mr. Olaf is coming around)

You may all remember little Mr. Pony Olaf’s video of his first time leading from a couple of weeks ago (“how many people does it take to lead a pony?”). Well, today this handsome, most adorable little mover, with personality to die for, improved leaps and bounds from that day just a couple weeks ago! This little turd is so stinking adorable with spunk and sass that makes even the hardest of hearts smile and laugh, is going to be one amazing pony one day.

Just shy of 3 years old and basically completely unhandled until recently, this little guy is so smart (and rambunctious) almost to a fault! After playing with him for a little bit in the roundpen and him doing amazingly well (for a spunky pony…lol), it was time to expand his horizons. Enter the dreaded horse-eating tarp. At first he was very nervous. He did not like the sound. He wanted the whole thing just to go away, but by the end of his session, he was wearing the tarp like a pro and standing calm and quiet for hugs, kisses, and loving all over (video to come).

Baby B (Fiona’s) wounds were attended to. Diablo was worked with some more and even ridden (video to come). Haven met a potential adopter, but this big lady was a bit too much to handle on the ground for them (video to come). I know. I know. Lots of “video to come”, but it has been a long day and there are still chores to do, dinner to make, and hoping once again to get to bed at a decent time as tomorrow will be busy as well.

We are hopeful that the wonderful potential home that came to meet Haven today will keep in touch as there are always horses coming in and many, many drafts at the auctions we attend (next one is planned for Feb. 21 so stay tuned). So, after a long day, with relatively decent weather for early February in WI, while nobody found a home today…after today (and once I get the videos together) we are hopeful that all the hard work today will help 3 horses find homes soon.

Another potential team member was out today for the second time and you may see more of her soon as she has a lot to offer. In the meantime, we are preparing for tomorrow, farrier day on Wednesday along with floats for 3 others and, as always, you just never know what is going to happen here day to day.

I am off to do chores for the night and head up to the house, but please don’t forget about Valentine’s Day coming up on us soon. The horses here would really love some peppermints and loving that day and we will share pictures and videos of it all! Follow the link here to be their Valentine! Thank you all and we hope you have a wonderful night. πŸ™‚

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Pony Tales 3-6-5 (47 degrees!!!)

What a B-E-A-utiful day here in WI! Groundhog’s Day 2020 was sunshiney and warm and just listening to the snow sliding off the roofs and dripping onto the ground and seeing the melting everywhere you looked, was so amazing! It quickly conjured up images of our goals around here once it warms up for the year and our minds our just filled with visions of the future!

As always though, there is the typical work to get done…picked up around 40 bales of hay. Had plans to pick up 2 loads as we go through roughly 40 small squares per week, but it was just too nice out to make 2 trips. Lol. We’ll go grab 2 more loads in the next couple of days. We took the hay wagon over to get loaded up with round bales as well. The last load of 11 lasted almost a month, so this next load should see us close to March. That, of course, is with the number currently here. You never know what is going to happen numbers-wise around here from day to day. And it is such an incredible feeling to know that, no matter what, no matter who or how many need help, we are able to take them in. Oh, what an incredible journey it has been for us since last spring…. πŸ™‚

With the builder planning to come out on Tuesday, Nate and I also went to pick up supplies to frame in the office in the new barn. More visions of the future and our excitement and motivation around here is starting to really amp up! We got a quote for pre-fab stalls for the new barn and while it was a nice quote with a generous deduction, we are going to pursue other options as the pre-fab stalls may not fit exactly what we are wanting in the new barn. But, we shall see….

We wound the day down with Nate working on fixing up an old truck he has (what he loves to do in his spare time) and taking the dogs for a walk through the woods (we have yet to miss a month without going for at least one walk with them for over 2 years now!) The dogs love the walks and they are all snoring by my side right now. Their pent up energy all spent. Lol. As we neared the end of our walk, I glanced back at the setting sun and just soaked in the last few rays. It was a gorgeous day, followed by a gorgeous sunset. While tomorrow will be much busier with the team coming out and a potential adoption, we will lay our heads down our pillows tonight and drift of to dream about the future and…well…about when the next time we see 47 degrees will be….

We hope you all were able to enjoy the amazing weather today as well, assuming you were blessed with the same, and I will bid you all a goodnight. I hope to see you on the flipside and I’ll be honest, I love being able to share our days with you all. It often helps me put even the bad days into perspective, put the hard times to rest, and ready myself for what is to come. You all are the best supporters we could ever dream of and we hope you will all continue on this incredible journey with us. This is just the beginning after all…. πŸ™‚

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Pony Tales 3-6-5 (Welcome February!)

What a gorgeous and unseasonably warm day today! The sun came out. The snow was falling off the roof and melting everywhere! With Groundhog’s Day tomorrow, we sure have our fingers crossed here! Lol. It was relatively quiet around here. Stalls to strip and cleaning out the trailer in prep for teeth floating day next week. Fiona (Baby B) needed her wounds attended to more (slow progress there, but progress nonetheless), but it was otherwise a quiet and peaceful day as we all soaked up as much sunshine as we could. It also gave me some much needed time to dive into our new website. Something I have not been able to do since it was created 9 months ago.

The horses here asked me to find them Valentine’s this year for Valentine’s Day as they are wishing for peppermints, funny pictures, and Valentine’s of their own. To be a Pony Tales Valentine, click here!

In the meantime though, it was confirmed that Miss Nala is in fact in foal and if our figuring is accurate, she is due in the next 4-8 weeks. Big window. We know. But, when you know little about their past, you go off of what you have. She is NOT by any means safe to palpate. So, time was spent getting her used to have her back end handled, her tail wrapped, and just overall handling as you never know what will happen during foaling and we need to be able to handle her to take care of any emergencies and even just to be handle baby right away.

With baby on the way, we are sure praying for the nice weather to continue. With any luck, February of 2019 will not repeat itself. If it comes to that though, we do not yet have a heated barn. We do have access to one or we can even send her to our vet, but this will not be free of charge. So, we will keep our fingers crossed for nice weather. We cannot control the weather, nor can we control when she has her baby. But, with your help, we can somewhat control a safe foaling and a healthy baby. If you have even just $1 to spare, it could become so important to not just Nala, but the baby as well.

And don’t forget those here looking for their very own Valentine. No amount is ever too small. Thank you all so much!!

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Pony Tales 3-6-5 (Intake #6 this year)

Today started out busy, as is most always usual. Thankfully, my amazing mother was here to help with the morning chores while we geared up for the equally amazing Pony Tales team to arrive today. So much to get done with so little time to do it in the winter. The team got to work right away initiating the new “protocols” that our new Barn Manager wants in place for each horse that passes through our gates. While our barn manager could not be here right away as she had doctor appointments for her children, the rest of the team showed up regardless and got to work.

MOST of the horses cooperated, but there is always that one or two that says “nope. not catching me today!” Lol. In the end though, they all caved in and got the work done that was needed. Our barn manager was finally able to leave the doctor’s office and arrived to help out. Shortly after she arrived though…intake #6 of 2020 arrived. A gorgeous, kid broke, 4H horse needed a new home and we are so happy to be able to provide her safety during her transition. Evaluations will begin soon once she is able to settle in. So, stay tuned!

While all of this was going on, Nate…doing what he does…towing…went to help out a local who was in a bit of a vehicular predicament. After that was taken care of, this amazing person, not only took care of the tow bill, but handed Nate a $100 bill to give to Pony Tales. Such an amazing gesture of support and while we could single this situation out from how awesome Nate’s customers are…it simply wouldn’t be true. SO often, the amazing people in our community bring their vehicles (or have them towed) to Nate’s shop for repair and before they leave, they throw a little bit to Pony Tales. The vast majority of his customers are not even horse people. A vast majority of them have never even been around a horse. But…the people in our small, yet oh so amazing, community…love what we do here.

Animal rescue, of any species, is not something that only animal people support. It, in the grand scheme of things, is most often supported by those who do not have animals. Rather, it is most often supported by those who cannot help the animals themselves…but don’t want to see them suffer. They are incredible, selfless people who, if they could…they would do more themselves…but they are not in a position to do so. So instead, they support those who can.

It is always so heartwarming when we get a donation from a grumpy old man who “never liked horses to begin with”, but doesn’t want to see them suffer either. So, he will open up his wallet and after he pays his vehicle repair bill, he hands us a few extra bucks for the horses. You don’t have to be a horse lover to not want to see them suffer. And this community we live in…while they may not all “love” horses…they love what we are doing….

The day ended (other than the chores I still need to attend to and dinner to cook, lol) with a long overdue talk with one of our team members. I will not go into details, but, after that talk…my shoulders feel lighter, my mind is more clear, I think I will sleep better tonight than I have in a long time, and I cried…shocking…I know….Lol.

So, everything else aside, please give Miss Pearl (intake #6 of 2020) a giant Pony Tales welcome and stay tuned for updates on this gorgeous girl! I finally feel that Pony Tales is fully back on track and we have so much planned…so stick around…you won’t wanna miss it! πŸ˜‰