All adoption fees will be waived for available horses (as of October 3, 2021). All horses will be vaccinated, micro-chipped, dewormed and have current negative Coggins. This event is first come, first served. No holds.

Please print off and fill out this adoption application and bring it to the event. Adoption applications are processed the same day and you will be able to take your adoptive horse home with you that day. 

Adoption Application:

Adoption requirements:

*Adoption Limit - There is a limit of 2 equines per adopter and their immediate family for this event.

*Horse Experience - This event is NOT for first-time horse owners. If you are a first-time horse owner, you are welcome to come to the event and we will give you a coupon that is good for 3 months. First-time horse owners then need to work with our adoption specialist to ensure they find a horse that is the right match for them. We need to take time with them after the event to make sure they will have a happy long future together with their new horse.

*Adequate Horse Facility - Adopter must have a safe pen and shelter, natural or man-made, for the horse. Adopted horses can go to a boarding stable, but adopter must let the owner of the boarding stable know that if anything happens to them, the horse is to come back to Pony Tales.

*Photo ID - You must bring photo ID identification with you to the adoption event.

*Adoption Application - All potential adopters must print off and fill out the adoption application form prior to the event. They must bring the adoption application to the adoption day along with photos of where the horse will be staying. (Forms will be available at the event if necessary.) Our adoption specialist will talk with the adopter and help them find the right horse. We will conduct a criminal background check on adopters, so we will need your full name, including middle initial. We reserve the right to deny any adopter without explanation.

*Photos - A minimum of 5 PRINTED photos of where the horse will be kept must be brought to the adoption event. If you do not bring printed photos that match Google Earth of where the horse will be kept, we will not adopt a horse to you.

*First Right of Refusal Agreement - All adopters must sign a first right of refusal agreement for each adopted horse. If the horse is not the right match for them, they may return the horse to Pony Tales and/or exchange it for another horse at our shelter at any time during business hours in the future. Adopters are responsible for returning the horse to Pony Tales as well as any costs involved with transport.