Slaughter Auction

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Saving horses from the slaughter auctions is an expensive undertaking. Every horse we save needs  veterinary care, farrier care, food, shelter, and training to prepare them for their new home.   
Will you help us give hope when all hope seems to be lost?

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Slaughter Auctions

Every year, nearly 100,000 American equines are shipped across our borders to Mexico and Canada to be slaughtered for their meat. Many of these horses come from low-end livestock auctions (slaughter auctions) where they are purchased by the killbuyers by the dozens. No matter their age, breed, training, or condition, they bid on them until the cost exceeds what they will get for them, pound for pound, at the border. Owners who do not truly care about their horse or do not know about killbuyers, will send their horse to the auction where nearly 80% of all horses are purchased by killbuyers. Horses of all kinds are crammed into tiny pens together with no thought for their safety. Pony Tales attends these auctions and outbids the kilbuyers on as many horses as we have the funds for. We then provide them with all necessary cares, including veterinary and farrier care, food, shelter, and training. If a horse is suffering so badly that the kindest thing to give them is peace, we will provide that also. While it is our hope to find a home for every horse that enters our gates, some have just been so neglected and/or abused that ending their suffering is the best thing we can do for them. It costs us approximately $1,000 to rescue a horse from the auction, transport it to our shelter, provide veterinary and farrier care, the last act of kindness when necessary, and provide food, shelter and training to prepare them for their new homes. Without you, we cannot save any of them. Will you help us save a horse today? Please, Give Now.

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Whether the horse enters our gates from a slaughter auction, an owner surrender, or because of law enforcement cases of neglect and/or abandonment, each horse receives all cares as well as safety at our shelter for as much time as they need to be ready for a new home. As a full circle of life shelter, we will never turn a horse away regardless of age, breed, training, or circumstances. While most rescues are "full" unless a highly adoptable horse needs help, we will take in any horse at any time and give that second chance to all horses who are not suffering irreparable damage. Your support ensures that we will be able to continue to offer that second chance to ANY horse in need at ANY time. Will you help us give them a second chance that so many others refuse? Please. Give Now!

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Since our humble beginnings in 2014,
we have helped over 600 equines in need.
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