Do you have a horse that you can no longer keep? 

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Surrendering a Horse

We know that making the decision to surrender your horse can be very difficult and we are here to support you every step of the way. Please do not feel guilty if you're no longer able to keep your horse. Many people find themselves in similar situations. You're doing the right thing by looking for help. 

End-of-Life Services
Making an end-of-life decision can be extremely difficult. Do you have a horse that needs humane euthanasia? We can help.

Surrender Process

We are a full circle of life shelter and will take in any horse in need. We will not turn a horse away due to age, behavior issues or medical conditions.

  • What is the surrender fee?
    Our surrender fee is $275 dollars per horse surrendered. When the horse is surrendered, it is then evaluated by our veterinarian, tested for Coggins, given vaccinations and dewormed, along with any other medical procedures as needed. The horse is also evaluated by our trainers to determine training level and areas that need to be improved. This all takes a lot of time and money so we ask for a surrender fee to help cover those costs. If you're unable to pay the surrender fee, we can put you on a waiting list and we can accept horses off the waiting list as funds allow. 
  • Do you need transport?
    Pony Tales is able to assist with transporting for $3 a loaded mile to our shelter. If you are able to transport your horse yourself, please do so or look into other options for transport if possible. We are very busy, but can assist if needed.
  • Surrender Policies
    All surrenders are final after the surrender paperwork has been signed. You will no longer be responsible for the horse in any way. All horses are evaluated for adoptability. It is our goal that every surrendered horse is able to be adopted into a new loving home. If, through the evaluation process, it is determined that the horse is not adoptable and is in need of the last act of kindness, we will follow our veterinarian's advice on any end-of-life decisions.

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